Wait ... did I just lose all my progress?!

#1 Posted by Moriarty (58 posts) -

Aren't our saves supposed to be saved on Blizzards servers? If so ... why did I lose all my progress? Let me rewind a bit. My laptop's HDD dying last week. It was irreparable so I had a new one installed. I installed Diablo 3 again, then I log in and I find myself in the character creator screen, rather then seeing my 50 hour old lady monk.

Soooo ... what gives? Did I really lose all the progress, items, friend list, etc etc? Or is there something that I can do? Should I contact Blizzard support?

#2 Posted by Barrock (3785 posts) -

Try checking the server setting. Are you in a different region?

#3 Posted by doobie (612 posts) -

i would of done that before creating the thread

#4 Posted by TruthTellah (9668 posts) -

You should contact Blizzard support. The progress is usually saved. You may just need it sorted out with your new install of the game.

#5 Posted by Marz (5755 posts) -

check region, you might be in the wrong one.

#6 Posted by Mnemoidian (1008 posts) -

3 possibilities: A) Your region has been changed, try changing that (it's under options -> account on the login screen), B) There are temporary server issues, and everything will probably work in an hour again. Or C) Your account has been compromised.

I can't check the servers at the moment, but you didn't mention which region you are in anyway... I'd suggest you check out the official forums (battle.net) and/or give it an hour.

If nothing shows up (and no one else is having this problem on the forums), you may want to check out (US) http://us.battle.net/en/security/help or (EU) http://eu.battle.net/en/security/help

#7 Posted by DeF (5239 posts) -

yup, the save is on their server. you just auto-switched regions somehow. check the options and change the region back and you'll find your character(s) are still there.

#8 Posted by Moriarty (58 posts) -

Looks like the doofus (me) struck again. I just changed the server from "the americas" to "europe" and there she was, my lady monk. I don't know why it defaulted to the american server, but oh well.

Thanks for the help duders.

#9 Posted by TruthTellah (9668 posts) -

Glad it worked out for ya.

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