What's your DPS at?

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#1 Posted by Heylook (243 posts) -

I'm just kind of curious as to what everyone's dps is at. I'd like to know where I sit.

Level 42 Wizard (Female)

DPS (buffed) 1645.

#2 Edited by Tennmuerti (8519 posts) -

What do you mean by buffed exactly?

Anyway DPS will vary hugely on where you are in the game lvl/act/class/build wise etc. It's almost impossible to make a meaningful comparison, it's mostly whatever you feel works for you.

My main monk is in the first half of act1 nightmare lvl 35 just over 1000dps on the paper doll. I am using a 24% dmg aura most of the time tho so that would raise it i guess to 1250, plus the 60% aoe monk ability that is active almost all the time.

That said i've seen people with 500 dps who are around your level. And I have also sworn off public grouping like i planned to earlier in nightmare because i'm pretty much carrying groups in dps terms and it's faster to solo now.

#3 Posted by KingRedWing (46 posts) -

My level 11 Witch Doctor is sittin' pretty at 42 DPS without any stacks of Soul Harvest.

#4 Posted by Galiant (2219 posts) -

581 DPS, level 34 Demon Hunter (male).

#5 Posted by Giefcookie (631 posts) -

Finished my Normal run at 340dps on my wizard. Gathering some plans now to upgrade my smith, hopefully boosting my gear before the end of nightmare act 1.

#6 Posted by Sjupp (1946 posts) -

As a self buffed Monk I reach about 5k DPS. Trying to figure out survivability builds though since Hell kicks your ass all over.

#7 Posted by Garfield518 (408 posts) -

I was up to about 12k as a lvl53 Barb. I had to switch over to tank for my groups Hell run though, so now I'm down at 1.5k.

On the upside, I have 45k HP now.

#8 Edited by Silvergun (298 posts) -

At 50, having just started Hell, I've got about 1700 DPS on my Monk. I'm guessing that's not going to last long though, some of the stuff that drops in Hell is mind blowing.

#9 Posted by Spooty (91 posts) -

1030 DPS, Level 34 Demon Hunter just starting nightmare.

#10 Edited by Tennmuerti (8519 posts) -

Got to 41 today act2 nightmare. 1600-1700 pure paperdoll dps unbuffed. With 15% from monk heal that is up all the time prety much it's 1900-2000 dps. Still not counting the 24% extra dmg from the mantra as it counts as enemy vulnerabulity rather then your own dps.

Starting to feel a bit fragile tho with my 6k hp, tho havenlt died once yet. If only AH started working properly.

#11 Posted by TobbRobb (5243 posts) -

Got up to 4500 on my 54 monk today, I could get more but I try and stay survivable. Because HELL IS KICKING MY ASS. Only gotten through act 1 so far, and Butcher was one of the easier parts.

Bullshit fucking lazerturretmagmaspewingelectricinvincibleteleportassholes all over the place.

#12 Posted by Galiant (2219 posts) -

I got up to 3100 DPS on my Demon Hunter at 52, but with the critical hit passive that number goes up to 5000 DPS. That's the passive that increases your critical hit chance by 3% every second and then resets when you crit (i.e. back to 3100 DPS), so the 5000 DPS number is just an illusion.

#13 Posted by eternalshades (110 posts) -

6892.15, lv 52 wizard.

Complete glass cannon though.

#14 Posted by StarvingGamer (9285 posts) -

Level 53 DH

4.8k DPS

#15 Posted by Bobby_The_Great (1089 posts) -

I sacrificed a lot of DPS for Vitality lately, so I don't drop so fast.

#16 Posted by Sterling (3475 posts) -

How are you guys getting such high numbers? I am level 20 and mine is 84.23.

#17 Posted by buft (3409 posts) -

2442 level 50 barb that just finished diablo on nightmare, hell is next.

#18 Edited by Tennmuerti (8519 posts) -

Currently in Act1 Hell 54 monk 4.8k paperdoll. Normally 5.4k cause buff dog. That said my weapons are in the 250dps range and im starting to feel a little under. Planning on saving up a 100k gold and shopping for something in the 350+ range.

@oulzac said:

How are you guys getting such high numbers? I am level 20 and mine is 84.23.

Damage pretty much keeps growing at a very very rapid pace especially between difficulties. At lv 20 you are at what act2 normal? Don't worry there is a long way to go. That said you are maybe a little low. Just upgrade when you feel things are taking too long to go down.

#19 Posted by MrMuscle (496 posts) -

Lvl 44 Barbarian with 1400 Damage.

#20 Posted by Tolshakk (89 posts) -

Level 50 Barbarian -- 8.1k DPS self-buffed

#21 Posted by Canteu (2911 posts) -

58 monk tank.

6k buffed. But I can't die ever, so I'll take the dps hit.

#22 Posted by StarvingGamer (9285 posts) -

Level 54 DH now, up to 6.8k dps

#23 Posted by Galiant (2219 posts) -

At 60 now with my Demon Hunter. Got 22k DPS and 30k health, struggling trying to solo the final boss on Hell Act IV. Looking forward to start farming Act I on Inferno, but I think I'll have to get a party together to finish Hell...

#24 Posted by ichthy (719 posts) -

Level 60 barb, and with all buffs (WotB, Frenzy, Berzerker) about 40k. Only lasts seconds though, so I'm boned at multi-stage bosses.

#25 Posted by DillonWerner (1603 posts) -

15k with my level 60 Witch Doctor

#26 Posted by Giefcookie (631 posts) -

17k on my lvl60 Wizard, just about to finish act IV on Hell.

#27 Posted by MikeGosot (3235 posts) -
@Canteu said:

58 monk tank.

6k buffed. But I can't die ever, so I'll take the dps hit.

Bug? Glitch? You made the perfect build?
#28 Edited by Canteu (2911 posts) -

@MikeGosot: It was the fists of thunder quickening/boon of protection bug.

I can now, in fact die. But this is 60 inferno, that's a whole new kettle of fuckery.

#29 Posted by Tennmuerti (8519 posts) -

@Canteu said:

@MikeGosot: It was the fists of thunder quickening/boon of protection bug.

I can now, in fact die. But this is 60 inferno, that's a whole new kettle of fuckery.

Blizzard just nerfed both Quickening and Boon in the hotfix

#30 Posted by Addfwyn (1983 posts) -

Floating around 400 or so DPS in Act 2 Nightmare right now (level 43-44). Pretty comfortable with it.

#31 Posted by haffy (681 posts) -

Around 23k, still need to socket my bow I bought though. Not really sure which is better for weapons, emeralds or rubys.

#32 Posted by murisan (1143 posts) -

45 Wiz.. 2.3k with Enchant Weapon.

#33 Edited by destruktive (1116 posts) -

Level 60 Demon Hunter - without buffs about 14k and with around 22k on first shot and then depending if I crit.

@haffy said:

Around 23k, still need to socket my bow I bought though. Not really sure which is better for weapons, emeralds or rubys.

Rubys for the damage boost. actually, damage is a really useful stat for demon hunters (which I'm guessing you are since you're using a bow)

#34 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3375 posts) -

Level 59 Wizard in Act 3 Hell, 7.3k buffed.

#35 Posted by Tennmuerti (8519 posts) -

Twinking is fun!

My alt lvl 20 wizzard has 700dps in act2 normal :P

#36 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -

Demon Hunter level 54 - 4.8k dps.

#37 Posted by murisan (1143 posts) -

With a few gear tweaks.. up to 4.5k from 2.3k with weapon enchant on a 45 Wiz. HNNNGGG

#38 Posted by Ben_H (3665 posts) -

815 for my level 45 Barbarian, but he has 10000 health so he almost never dies. Also, I craft all my gear instead of using the stupid auction house so it probably won't be as good, but I find it way more fun this way. 
My level 10 Witch Doctor has 25. He has really stacked armour though because I just crafted all of it.

#39 Posted by Silvergun (298 posts) -

I'm at about 9k unbuffed on my 60 Wizard. It's on the low side, but I'm tearing stuff apart in Inferno, so I'm happy!

#40 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

All this just makes me realized how much time ive wasted equiping new weapons to get .5 dps difference.

#41 Posted by CrystaljDesign (165 posts) -

@Tennmuerti: How the I don't even...

#42 Edited by Tennmuerti (8519 posts) -

@CrystaljDesign said:

@Tennmuerti: How the I don't even...

Fast 1h wand with socket, lots of % speed rings/amulet with static dmg increase on them, like for example 9% haste and +3-6 dmg. Square INT gems and a square ruby in the wand. High speed is stacked with very static dmg buffs (these are marginal on high levels but at low lvls of damge they are incredible) raising base dps already really high, then this is multiplied by large levels of INT from high level gems, plus wizzard passive skill buffs that are on at all times.

The fun part is that it's not even costing me almost anything. The rings are just stuff i saved over from my main character in the stash because i knew how good their type is at low level, most pieces of rare gear are under 500g at the AH and my gems are just squares that drop in Hell and above that i cant use on my main char anyway.

Ah also my bad just rechecked my little wizzard and dps is at 600 not 700, must have been a buff, i don't have the best gems in those sockets tho and could upgrade further, half the gear is also 15ish, so i'm sure it's possible to squeze out a 700 if i spent some more time on her :/

#43 Posted by Grillbar (1989 posts) -

lvl 57 DH 7855,30 no buff and stuff so im killing everything. but it comes at a price, i only have about 15-16k hp and i die really easy. also got 81% MF

#44 Posted by Canteu (2911 posts) -

Now at 14k buffed, inferno monk.

It is not enough

#45 Edited by Maginnovision (575 posts) -

60 witch doctor, 36k dps. 28k hp, 20% dodge, and like 42% damage reduc from armor, and 41.5% from resistances. I don't die often, but that doesn't make it easy. very defensive build. I can run, slow, scare, buff, and damage.

#46 Posted by phampire (292 posts) -

my level 37 wizard dps is at 1200 (buffed)

#47 Posted by Deathpooky (1523 posts) -

Level 45 Wizard, now up to 3K DPS buffed, 13k HP.

Been using 1H wand and source, but strangely enough just found a rare 2H bow that blows everything else out of the water. The item usage in this game is weird.

#48 Posted by destruktive (1116 posts) -

My demon hunter is now up to 17k unbuffed

#49 Posted by Nadril (590 posts) -

Lvl 60 Wizard, 21.5k DPS.

#50 Posted by Tennmuerti (8519 posts) -

started a session yesterday with my lvl 27 wizzard with 1600dps

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