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Impressed but the game is broken.

I had a positive review for this game earlier here but since i first played through the game it have been so bad that i needed to change my review.

The game itself is really funny and great when it works. so then it's worth a 5 star rating but the game just isn't working and therefore i'm lowering my grade.

I understand if they have problems with the servers the first few days but now it's 16 days since they released the game and still there is a MAJOR and i really mean MAJOR issue with the game here in Europe. First of all, there is still problems with Error 37 but now the AH have been closed for about 48 of the last 72 hours and the game have been offline for 6 (updating servers) +8 hours(crashed servers) on tuesday. A game is meant to be played not to be broken and don't work 70% of the time. Now on friday there was a new patch applied.. well then all the servers crashed again and were off for 2 hours and now the chat is broken and there is a huge issue with not being able to play CO-OP games with your friends.

I'm sorry but i'm frankly a bit fed up.

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Posted by Izitmee

Everyone is complaining because Blizzard didn't respect the pre-order deal. On the gamers side, the deal was to give money to Blizzard before the game was released. On Blizzard's side, the deal was to allow said gamers to play at exactly midnight. Blizzard failed in that, but kept the money, even if they knew exactly how many players would connect. It was their (terrible for many reasons) choice to make a single-player game that needs to stay constantly connected, and as such they have no excuse.

It's just a game, as it's just a deal. If a deal is broken, not complaining about it simply leads to more deal-breaks :P

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