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If you're a fan, you'll keep being a fan...for sure.

I have both a Mac and a PC...I attempted to install it on my Mac, however, my MacBook Pro is now about 6 years old and the video card/RAM/Processor is quite outdated for the gaming world. So, I installed it on my PC and lowered some of the graphics...AMAZING. I loved Diablo II, while I never played the original Diablo, so I knew that I would have a bias towards liking Diablo III. Though I got it on release day, and suffered through a bad Mac initial install attempt then massive server issues on release day, I still kept from hating or loving it until I played through the first 2 acts at least. By the time I got through the beta content, I was hooked, for better or worse. The game runs great and looks great, EVEN in lowered graphics. I would love so much to obtain a gaming PC, something I have never been privy to have yet, and play it in full graphic capability glory. I am a very loot driven gamer, though I am not an MMO player, I love Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout, Borderlands...single-player loot driven games are what I thoroughly enjoy, and this game does not disappoint. Though I understand why Blizzard chose to make single-player completely online, I am not a huge fan of not having an offline, single-player piece to this game. However, it is not game breaking, as long as your internet connection is solid. Overall, the newer mechanics of leveling make the game much more streamlined, yet more difficult in a fantastic way. Choosing what skills you want to use and what runes to utilize on those skills is a great change of pace from older point dumping. Differing enemy types, tons and tons and TONS of loot, great character powers...Diablo III is a great example of modernizing and evolving a beloved IP. Where ME3 might have fallen short, Diablo III shows it can be done. If you are at all on the fence about this game, try it. No monthly fees, great single and multi-player play, and an overall fun gaming experience should be enough to tip you onto the side of playing this game. Is it the perfect game? No. There are things that can always be improved or altered...but it is definitely a fantastic game in a world full of reproductions and mediocre sequels.

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