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 Diana is an agent of NESTS that has developed a motherly bond to Kula Diamond. She is mainly seen during Kula's intro and winpose, and also during Kula's Freeze Execution attack where she attempts to trip up the enemy before Kula unleashes her screen-filling super move. She often appears as a butterfly when she warps onto the screen.


Diana, along with her friend and colleague Foxy, are ordered by NESTS to subdue rogue agents with the assistance of Kula, the "Anti- K'." In The King of Fighters 2000, they successfully terminate the cloned version of Zero. In The King of Fighters 2001, Kula and Foxy join the NESTS Team, but are assaulted by teammates Angel and K9999 at the tournament's end. Diana and Kula manage to survive the encounter, and together they ally themselves with K'.

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