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Once the lover of Andrew Ryan in the game Bioshock, Diane McClintock is one of the few sympathetic characters found in the underwater dystopia of Rapture. After having reconstructive surgery for scars received during a riot on New Years Eve, Miss McClintock  turns her back on Ryan after seeing the consequences of his ideals and the undoing of the city she once loved.  Shortly after leaving Ryan, she wanders into Atlas' uprising, helping to find supplies. During one of Fontaine's diaries, he reveals his "con" as Atlas. During the diary McClintock bursts into the room. Atlas, believing she may have heard him talking about his plan, supposedly murders her. 


  •  "He said, 'Innocents? If they haven't chosen to defend Rapture, they've chosen to side with Atlas and his bandits. So there are no innocents. There are heroes, and there are criminals"    

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