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Dick Tracy is a simple side view 2D fixed-screen shooter developed by Titus Interactive for Disney Software as a tie in to the 1990 Warren Beatty movie. Taking place in an unnamed city in 1930s America, the player controls police detective Dick Tracy as he attempts take down crime kingpin Alphonse "Big Boy" Caprice. It is a short game, with only 5 levels, and can be completed in 10 minutes.


The game is a loose retelling of the Dick Tracy movie, starting off with Lips Manlis murder by "cement overcoat" and Tracy heading off to the Club Ritz to arrest Big Boy. He is successful, but the police are unable to hold Big Boy, and he is released again. Undeterred, Tracy goes after his henchmen, rounding up Pruneface, Influence and Flattop, before finally confronting and arresting Big Boy again.

The game ends with a newspaper headline announcing that "TRACY DEFEATS CRIME!", and a view of the city's harbor at night with fireworks going off.


Gameplay consists of walking to the right to reach the next screen, while attacking enemies or ducking to avoid enemy fire. At the end of each level, the player faces a boss, who stands still while firing his tommy gun. When he receives enough damage from the player, he raises his hands in the air in surrender and two police officers arrive to escort him away.

Tracy's health is represented by a health bar that diminishes slightly each time he is hit. He is initially only armed with his fists, but can pick up revolvers and tommy guns. Ammunition is limited, and the guns disappear when empty. The game contains no other items, so Tracy only regains his health between levels.

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