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Diddy Wrong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing is a Kart, hovercraft and plane racing game. The main narrative to the game is basically that a giant space pig called ‘Wizpig’ has taken over the island that your character lives on, and locked all the racing tracks (except for one obviously, or there wouldn’t be a game..) You have to race all of the tracks on four different worlds, and then finally beat the boss in each to retake control of that world.

The bosses are all very large versions of a Triceratops, squid, walrus (my favourite!) and a Dragon. Beating these bosses means that you can drive all the tracks again, but this time you have to collect 8 silver coins as well as win! However, it’s not really that difficult, and doing this results in you being able to race the bosses again. This time though the bosses are quite a bit tougher, especially the dragon if my memory serves me right. Beat them and you get the chance to take part in a trophy race for that level (which involves you racing all the tracks AGAIN, but never mind) and also rewards you with a piece of the Wizpig amulet.

Getting all four pieces means that you get to race against Wizpig himself in quite a tough race, where you have to make use of boost pads, and also lots of spare time in my case. Beat him and he will leave the island and flee back to where he came from.

However, this isn’t the end of the game as you can follow Wizzy to a secret area called ‘Space World’ where there are some cool looking tracks, and then race him again. This time he is on a rocket, although somehow travels slower than when he is just running in the first race.

It is possible once completing the game to embark on another adventure, inventively titled ‘Adventure 2’, but this just involves playing the game through again, although all the tracks are backwards. This just about sums up the game really, in that it could have been very good, but due to tedious repetition, it is merely average. However, as a multiplayer game it can be entertaining.

Posted by Willy105

I didn't find the repetition to be tedious, but fun. And it's best as a single player game than a multiplayer game actually.

Diddy Kong served as the single player experience to Mario Kart 64's multiplayer experience.
Posted by mubress

I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it, just that it could have been so much better! For example if they'd had more tracks in it, and also perhaps a bigger variety of weapons.

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