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Living in a crumby New York apartment, John McClane recieves a call from an old friend from the NYPD, Kenny Sinclair, asking McClane to come to Las Vegas. Sinclair explains that he was appointed the role of Warden at the Mesa Grande prison and that he is throwing a party, inviting McClane who accepts the invitation. 
When McClane arrives at the party he learns about a prisoner at Mesa Grande named Klaus Von Haug.and meets the owner of Roaring 20's Casino, Reese Hoffman, along with his assitant and secretary, Elena Goshkin. When Von Haug stages a riot in the prison, McClane finds himself the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time once more. As the game progresses, McClane dispatches terrorists, saves innocent lives and learns that Kenny, Reese and Elena are using the riot as part of a grander scheme to take over Las Vegas. Dispatching each of them, saving Kenny for last, McClane once again emerges bloodied, triumphant and alive.



John McClane...Jamey Scott
Kenny Sinclair...Deem Bristow


Director...Lani Minella


Reception from critics ranged from mediocre to "worth a look." IGN who gave the game a 5.7/10 reported that "Die Hard Trilogy 2 is yet another glance into the life of a catastrophe magnet, and the venue for an unfortunate sequel that takes a good concept and drives it straight into the dumpster."
Gamespot were slighty more optimistic, rating the game 6.3/10, reporting that as a rental, gamers may be pleasantly surprised and stating "While it doesn't stack up well when compared with the original game, Die Hard Trilogy 2 does manage to outclass recent like-minded titles like EA's Tomorrow Never Dies, and it provides a nice fix for those who own PlayStation light guns."
Many reviews from non-professional gamers have reflected the critics views, judging from online reviews.

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