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"I'm always where there is something to be had." -Diego

One of four of the nameless hero's allies who aided in the destruction of the Sleeper, the slaying of the dragons, and in the liberation (or subjugation) of the world of Gothic.

Diego is the first friendly character the nameless hero meets in Gothic 1 and is a loyal and powerful ally.

Diego approaches the Nameless Hero.

Diego aids the nameless hero in his quest to get membership in the Old Camp, however, Diego's loyalty to Gomez and the ore barons of the Old Camp is somewhat dubious.

Diego is very much an opportunist.

In Gothic 2 he asks the nameless hero to help plunder the Valley of Mines and in Gothic 3, Diego forsakes the Rebels fighting in Myrtana, traveling southward to Varant to gain profit among the slave traders of the desert.

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