Highly addictive game is highly addictive

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Finally got around to downloading this and loading it up this morning. 2 hours later, I had to run some errands (grudgingly), grabbed lunch, did some cleaning around the house, came back and played for another 2 hours. The control in the game is pretty spot on, the conveyor mechanics are awesome tho. I spend a lot of time mining out a giant space just to drop a huge line of scoopers to take it all away.

Also noticed that one Kirk Barnett is the Project Lead on the game. Anyone know if he's related to Paul? Seems a little too coincidental, but it could very well be.

If anyone else is interested, you can grab it here.

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I dug through the entire mountain 3 times. Too bad the sky doesn't go up very far. Extremely addicting game though.

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Kirk Barnett - Project Manager

Wait a second...


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