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The DigiPen Institute of Technology is a college that specializes in the education of game development. It currently offers both Bachelor and Masters degrees and has campuses located in Washington State, Canada, and Singapore. The college's original campus shared a building with Nintendo Software Technology Corporation until 2010.

A few projects created by DigiPen students have gone on to become known in the independent games community. One such project is Tag: The Power of Paint; a collaboration of students Brett English, Tejeev Kohli, Pongthep Charnchaichujit, Ted Rivera, Josh Jones, Tyler Woods and Tatsuang Tantakosol. This game brought a colorful addition to the world of 3D Physics based platformers and was recipient of the Best Student Game award at the Independant Games Festival 2009. Some of the students involved in the production of Tag were later hired by Valve and worked on Portal 2. People familiar with Tag may recognize the gel paint that appears in Portal 2 as an element that originated in the student production.

Games produced at DigiPen are not available commercially. However, a number of them such as Perspective have been offered for free online.

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