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So awesome to see this game get a QL. I've been playing for about 4 months now, still getting used to it but feeling alright. I'd love to play some multiplayer but dudes online are MAD INTENSE INTO IT. So uh. If anyone on here wants to get down and mess up some missions real bad, we should probably arrange something ;-)

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I picked it up right after the quick look, I got the take off procedure + take off down, just need to learn all the fucking weapons systems. Then I'm down for some multiplayer!

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you fucking people are nuts

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@Three0neFive said:

you fucking people are nuts

Dude it's soooo rewarding when you've spent 10 minutes launching everything and the jet is spinning like a cat, no errors on the caution lights, you feel like a fucking champ!

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I think I know how you feel. I used to watch my Godfather play MS Flight Sim (98 I think?) with multiple monitors and a HUGE book of flight plans, information, calls, and notes he compiled himself.

The gratification of earning a good flight seems like an awesome reward.

That said, I'm looking at getting into this game. Does it have a demo?

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I want a battlefield game which is super simy.

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@malnourish: I don't know if it has a demo, The game was however for sale for $19.99 on their site the day of the quicklook but I think that passed the day after.

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@X19 said:

I want a battlefield game which is super simy.

The ARMA games are your answer.

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Hey guys!...first post here. Have had the game for almost 2 weeks, and then I came across the QL from here. It was hilarious!

Do any of you know if Drew (I think it's Drew...the guy that was flying in the video) is still interested in the game?

Sunjammer, I saw your blog "The Perfect Landing" and all the forum posts. Such very little interest, but I get it. I see you're from Oslo (I'm in the US), so the timing may be an issue at times, but are you still interested in MP for this game?


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I'd been playing DCS A10-C for about a month when I saw the QL, awesome to those guys playing around with it! I'd love to try some multiplayer, I'm west coast US. We should put together a group of giant bomb players and run some "casual" missions.

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@Venx0r: Hey, a reply! Yeah I had it for 2 weeks tops before QL. I'm in CO, so times will work. I check the MP intermittently, and I usually go with the fullest open server. There are some squadrons around, bu flight sim fanatics seem cool enough - into the game, but not 'militant' about it. All levels welcomed, etc.

I'm not sure there are enough people on here, but I'm all for it. Anyway, my nickname on A-10 MP is same as here.

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i used to play 'games' like this when i was young free and single. i was big into Falcon 4.0 with a bunch of buddies, we had a squadron and all that jazz .

that game came with a manual so thick you could beat a whale to death with it.

but my gaming time is limited to a few hours a week now so i just do not have the time to devote.

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or others who want to play, are you guys in the steam giant bomb group by any chance?

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I applaud you guys.

You should make a video series about your adventures

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#15 Posted by Romaniac (11 posts) -


I didn't get it on steam, but I guess I could join the group. I think setting stuff up here can work as well.

What were you thinking?

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Can somebody PLEASE post a video of this game in multiplayer action, I think that would be incredible

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Loading Video...

There's tons of multiplayer videos on youtube if you find the right channels. Tanit has some really good ones, but mostly Falcon 4 stuff. Those are nuts though, 32-ship sorties, eek!

I'm in Oslo, Norway, so I think we might have some time difference issues, but hooking up on the Steam group would definitely be a good first step, especially now that the Steam version is up to (finally). I think just setting up a server for flying around and talking shit while practising is a good idea too; You get shot down QUICK in this game when you're up against actual AI.

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#18 Edited by Romaniac (11 posts) -

@Sunjammer: Finally, you respond.

I figured had to know there are youtube videos, but maybe he wanted something from GB members....I guess? If you don't know, yes, there are hundreds of videos out there...some are awesome. Here's a film, with original music - the maker actually made this music for this film!

Loading Video...

As for the video Sunjammer posted....hmm, not sure I'd be down with all that ordering crap. A little too gung-ho. The coordination is cool though.

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#19 Posted by Sunjammer (1106 posts) -

Brevity codes don't mean you have to roleplay army or whatever. Having expressions for common situations is a real benefit. In a game where the only information you have is what you communicate to eachother, being short and precise is damn important if you want to be anything near efficient. If you fire a maverick past me without telling me I might make SAM assumptions

That said, tanit's stuff is a little far off into the Serious end of the spectrum.

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The way I play most multiplayer games these days is to pop on steam and see who's online playing what. Even if it's a non-steam game, you can set it up in steam so it broadcasts what you're playing. If people are online I'll ask if they want to play, or if they're playing something that sounds fun I'll join 'em. Seems easier than trying to make everyone be online at such and such time. Anyway, my steam handle is "venzon", if you search the giant bomb group members you should find me there. Add me and let's fly some hogs!

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@Sunjammer: aw, he didn't yell GUNS GUNS GUNS! That's totally the best part.

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#22 Posted by Romaniac (11 posts) -

@Venx0r: Hmm...OK. Will try that.

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#23 Edited by Romaniac (11 posts) -

@Venx0r: Ok, I added you as a friend, and I joined the GB Steam group. Not sure that I will set up to broadcast DCS (just cuz I'm crazy) - but if I'm online, it's only because I want people from here to find me. So me online = me playing, or available to play DCS A-10C.

btw, my steam username is: Romaniac There seem to be a few folks with my name (pffff,) so I'm the one with the A-10 in my avatar.

: I am flying with a casual group now, and there are 2 Norwegians and 2-3 UK guys, and players from other continents, and we all got together for quite a while today (Friday). Granted it was evening, and late evening for those who chose to stay (2am was latest I think) while for us it was early/mid afternoon. But anyway, should be doable.

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My steam name is decept404 :-) Adding both of y'all

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#25 Posted by Sliced_Bread (157 posts) -

@Sackmanjones: All of Ralphidude's videos are great, this is a personal favorite

Loading Video...

If you guys are going to be using Teamspeak 3 at all, I recommend you look into using TARS. It integrates TS with the A10 radios with some pretty cool effects.

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#26 Edited by Sunjammer (1106 posts) -

Thanks for tonight's sortie :-) Think we found a good mission to practice on, though I definitely need to read up on JTRS in the manual. It was super cool to orbit above watching you do runs, and working that T-72 by turns with guns ;-) For a tank buster, you sure have to *insist* for tanks to bust.

Also, I was not aware A-10s could do belly landings like that and survive. I think maybe not carrying any ordnance was the only reason I didn't blow up, because my wing was in the tarmac for most of that slide. Practise practise.

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#27 Posted by Romaniac (11 posts) -

: Yeah, TARS does sound pretty cool - at least in YT videos. Have yet to try it in action though. Have you actually tried it? Does it play nice, crashes, issues?

: The A-10 can make some awesome emergency landings, weapons or not.

Tanks can take a bit of rounds, but remember the gun is not very accurate from far away. Supposed to start at about 1 - 0.9 miles away and pull off at 0.7 away. And your supposed to attack the back of the tank, where armor is thinnest, for best results. It's a tough act...

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I haven't gotten deep enough into A-10 to play legit multiplayer yet, I joined a no weapons free-flight server when the game was first released just to see if it worked and that's about it. I just re-installed a few days ago and have been running the training missions over and over. From what I've heard, TARS works pretty good.

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@romaniac As it is I feel much more comfortable hitting tanks with mk82s; Going in with the gun feels like a gamble, whichever angle i hit from; They almost always get a few rounds off in my direction before my rounds hit, and from that angle that tends to mean I lose an MFD or maybe even the CDU. Most softer targets I'm pretty comfy strafing from up to even 3 clicks away. During desert shield A-10s had a hard deck of 5k feet yet still strafed arty, so I feel okay about that.

The one weapon I have yet to kill ANYTHING with is CBUs, BLU-97s for instance. I hit a lot but kill extremely little; There's supposed to be anti armor bomblets in those things but anything harder than a truck refuses to bend. Any pointers with cluster bombs?

I kind of wish the game let you set up servers where every player could pick an airport and customise their loadouts and just mess about. Being constricted to a mission is kind of lame when you're just trying to learn. Though maybe you could create a mission to allow that... Regardless, I'd like to suggest we set up a newbie night kind of thing where all of us GBers set up a server for ourselves and just muck about with no worries. There's a lot to learn before you are really effective.

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#30 Edited by Sliced_Bread (157 posts) -

@Sunjammer: Ask and you shall receive

Are you using the default HOF for your CBUs? By default CBUs are set to release the bomblets at 1300ft resulting in a very large footprint but less dense coverage. Instructions to adjust this is on P.294 of the flight manual.

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#31 Posted by Sunjammer (1106 posts) -

Very cool, downloading :-) Yeah I've been using the default HOF. They're my least used weapon (for the above mentioned reason), so haven't explored all the options.. I guess I should save them for truck convoys and the like anyway and leave them at the default, unless they're the last ordnance I have and need them for something tougher?

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#32 Posted by Venx0r (22 posts) -

It'd be cool to set up a GB server some day. Weekends work best for me. I wish I could figure out why I can't host....

By the way, you can always adjust your loadout by telling the ground crew to rearm you.

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#33 Posted by Romaniac (11 posts) -

Yes, as Venx0r said, you DO have quite a few options of armament by using the ground crew option. I think it may depend on the server's/your realism settings, specifically radio comms. But you can press " \ " and you get a menu, press 'F8' for ground crew, and then pres 'F2' for rearm, and I think 'F6' is anti-armor, but there are other options available as well. See what sounds good to you.

Alternatively, you can press ' Left shift and numpad - ' and get the same menu. I am not 100% on the difference, I think this option is more realistic, and you may need to have your intercom radio dialed to the right frequency.

, did you port forward through your router? That seems to be the step that's most difficult out of the whole process, which is pretty easy, save that part. So you'd need to forward 10308 (TCP+UDP) in our router.

As fa as hosting. I think upload speed really counts, but I'm hearing it's 175Kb/s upload speed per client. So with a 1MB upload, you could do 5-10max clients + host. But even if speed is lower, we can give it a shot. We can also pick a random, empty server from MP list.

- yeah, HOF adjustment can make a difference, I have yet to mess with it. More concentrated bomblets is a way to ensure kills, but I find the CBU/BLUs to be kind of inaccurate, so I am OK with a larger spread. I can get kinda close, and still get kills.

I don't have any issue killing armor - brdms or tanks. Tanks do need to be a bit closer, but I think anything but a really weak/far hit from a cluster, will set them on fire and they eventually blow up.

I like to drop CBU/LBUs in CCRP mode. I hate CCIP, as you have to lose altitude, is not anymore accurate, and ...I kinda suck at it because I don't have the proper procedure down. In CCRP though,between 5K-9K seems to be a good spot. Maybe even 4K, depending on what's below you that may be able to hit you if you go lower. The higher you are, the more risk of the clusters being blown around by wind, or just having more inertia to travel away from the targets (or towards them, if you're lucky). I think in my case, they usually go long. But when you are pretty close, you can cause so much damage, like 10+ kills of anything from tanks to infantry holding stingers etc.

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#34 Posted by Venx0r (22 posts) -

I forwarded 10308 for UDP/TCP, and was able to host ONE game, but since then, no one has been able to connect. I heard that you may also need to forward ICMP, so I'll try that next.

Also, unrelated, but I just started playing with the MFD resolution setting, and wow, using the 1024 resolution (or even 512) makes finding stuff in the TGP wayyyy easier!

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#35 Posted by Sunjammer (1106 posts) -

I'm using 512 every frame for my MFDs and i'm pretty happy with it. For spotting I've taken to assigning a slider to zoom and orbiting and just using my eyes, slewing the TGP around can be such a slog when you don't have a good starting reference.

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#36 Edited by Romaniac (11 posts) -

: That's pretty much all I know about hosting. I have heard that some routers have issues.... Check the Eagle Dynamics forums for more in depth info and feedback on hosting.

Yeah, the TGP works best from higher above, than acute angles. So if you need to stay away from SAMs or w/e, stay outside but go up a bit. Obviously, this makes even more sense if you are searching within a city, where buildings and such can obscure an acute angle.

Also, be sure to toggle between White Hot (WHOT) and Black Hot (BHOT) - as the contrasts will depend on the background terrain; one will work better than other in certain situations.

There is also a way to increase/decrease the slew speed of the TGP, by going into the 'control' settings for the TGP on the MFD - this is all I could gather:

From Eagle Dynamics forums ( a great resource, btw):

"Pull up the "STAT" page, hit OBS to cycle to the second page, then scroll down to the THRTL line. On the right you'll see an option to change the slew rate. Note, that setting affects everything BUT the mavericks, not just the TGP."

But this seems even more productive, if you're interested:

"...Axis-Tune the HOTAS Slew Horizontal and Vertical Axis to the following values -


Deadzone = 5

Saturation_Y = 80 (or less if too zippy)


Deadzone = 5

Saturation_Y = 80 (or less if too zippy)"

I think I will be checking my values for the second option. The downside I can see, is that I'm too impatient already, and this faster slewing may make me miss targets.

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#37 Posted by Venx0r (22 posts) -

So is Vinny going to join us now that he got a hotas? :)

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#38 Posted by JCTango (1500 posts) -

@Sliced_Bread: Wow that video was awesome! Sort of like watching a movie.

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#39 Posted by Sabata (829 posts) -

Anybody still playing this? Got it and Black Shark during the Steam sale and am loving the shit out of it.

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#40 Posted by Venx0r (22 posts) -

You betcha, add me on steam and we'll do some flying! "venzon" on steam

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#41 Posted by Sabata (829 posts) -

@Venx0r: Alright, just sent you a friend request. Expect one from "Sabzorz" soon!

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