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As anyone who has played or seen this game knows, it's intense, and dense as all hell. Seeing the forum and wiki page mostly empty here, I figured I'd leave a little something here to help those starting off. 
Firstly, do the training. Even if the mission breaks and you are unable to complete them (as is known to happen occasionally), hopefully you'll at least get through enough to familiarize yourself with the placement of controls. Now, these tutorial missions are thick, and you very likely will not remember all of the information given to you, so I'd suggest going over missions twice if you're having troubles. 
Now, then, outside of the training missions, which do a good job for what they are but are also limited and suffer from our own information retention troubles, I would suggest finding a start-up checklist that you like to assist in learning those procedures. There are also various other documents out there that you can find that will assist in learning, and in actually using the plane. If you have any specific information gaps, don't forget about the 671 page flight manual. Here are my suggestions (you will need a PDF viewer): 
Flight Manual
Start-up Procedure (and other useful info)
Default Keybindings 

Remember that practice makes perfect. Expect to fail often and repeatedly at the beginning, but that's just a part of the learning process. If you have anymore specific questions or need some help, the people on the official DCS forums are very kind and always willing to help, and occasionally you'll even find a training server online in the multiplayer component. Now, get out there and blow some shit up.

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