Warthog Wednesdays

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So I'm just going to throw this out there; How do people feel about playing a few sorties every wednesday night, or maybe arrange some newbie flights where we just fly around and chat and teach eachother? I'm an independent developer so I can kind of work around time differences without too much hassle, and I'm gathering there is a nice spread of players across the globe, so finding a nice sweet spot late on wednesdays might be good?

If not, any other day of the week is cool. BUT. It is IMPERATIVE that we figure out some ridiculous catchy name for it. Maverick Monday, TGP Tuesday, SAM Saturday.. Yeah!

I know there's a lot of curiosity about this game and I don't think there's any need for that curiosity to be paired with any anxiety. If need be, I can arrange a mumble server for us. We have to agree on the hosting of games; I don't have a lot of up bandwidth so I mightn't be the best candidate there.


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I missed this post until now, but I'm totally game for it. I can host a teamspeak server (though only with capacity for a few people).

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