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An advergame miniseries produced by Old Spice as part of its "Believe In Your Smellf" campaign, Dikembe Mutombo's 4 1/2 Weeks to Save the World chronicles the adventures of the former large basketball player as he travels through the internet in five stages to complete a series of challenges that will somehow etch extra time into the Mayan calendar and avert a world-destroying apocalypse. With him in this endeavor are his friends Science The Bear (a super-intelligent talking bear) and "random turkey" (self-explanatory).

Part 1 involves Mutumbo throwing ballots at random people in the "bloodstream of democracy" to convince them to vote instead of being distracted by a hot new Korean pop dance craze (referring to Gangnam Style by PSY). The final boss involves throwing ballots at an anthromorphic state of Ohio because its votes matter more than any other in America for some reason.

Part 2 has Mutumbo seeking to destroy the evil "Flurbies" that he failed to eliminate in the past, stopping briefly for one moment to sing an ode to the now-bankrupt Hostess snack cakes factory.

Part 3 has Mutumbo throwing Old Spice deodorant in a lottery ball place to stop a literal Hollywood Fat Cat from earning the money to create another romantic vampire movie that threatens to destroy the brains of America's youth.

Part 4 involves Science The Bear recieving a call from the Princess of England demanding an American-sized hoagie sandwich and a 172 oz. soda for her pregnancy cravings. Mutumbo races to the palace while dodging the Octomom and also briefly playing Pong with the titular character of Pong on its 40th birthday.

Part 5 has Mutumbo racing through space to destroy the internet itself.

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