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Dino Crisis 3 is the third in the Dino Crisis franchise from Capcom and developed by Hit Maker. Dino Crisis 3 takes a huge step away from the survival and cranks up the action. The game is set on the derelict colony ship Ozymandias, which went missing 300 years prior to the beginning of the game until mysteriously reappearing in orbit around Jupiter. After Mother, the psychotic ship's computer, destroys your ship you are forced to enter the Ozymandias and investigate what dinosaurs are doing in space in the first place.

To ratchet up the action, you are equipped with a jetpack. You can not freely fly but you can hover for a time and boost in all directions. You will also have an assortment of energy based weapons and a few types of homing missiles as well.

The core of the game is third person shooting. You will be dealing with many waves of dinosaurs and a number of ominous bosses. The other main element is that the ship itself is one big puzzle. The ship sections can actually rotate and move. You have to find switches in the game to change the formation of the ship to progress though the ship and the story.

Although the game was visually impressive, it was heavily criticized for having "the worst camera ever" and its overuse of shiny metal surfaces, not to mention its ridiculous storyline, involving an insane computer creating genetically-engineered creatures that just happen to look like dinosaurs in an attempt to create the ultimate life-form. The impressive bosses and innovative puzzles were well constructed, but critics panned the title.

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