Anyone else pissed we didn't hear more from Dino?

#1 Posted by Zaph (305 posts) -

Okay, I get that last night's stream was even more of a relaxed party atmosphere than the usual Bombcast, but I still think that Dino's accomplishments were completely ignored. Nobody even tried to ask him anything.
Dino is responsible for arguably one of the most innovative game UI's in recent history yet we didn't hear a single thing about his work on it or the sequel or even what he thinks about the evolution of UI's in general.
I know certain 'rowdy' people made it difficult to keep the conversation going, but that didn't stop us hearing about Eric's work on Rock Band at Harmonix.
Hopefully he'll be back on the Bombcast soon and the GB guys will actually ask him some questions.

#2 Posted by RVonE (4794 posts) -

Agreed. In the Bombcast thread I posted this: "Especially on the stream (where you can see his gestures), when the guys were debating the whole 3D thing and the 3DS v. ipad thing, it was really clear that he really has a lot of interesting things to say about UI and interface in general." 
He should definitely be invited to sit in on one of the regular Bombcasts.
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Also, the point that he made about the motion stuff being a step backwards in UI design was really insightful. I believe he said something like that all this Kinect stuff disconnects you from the action on the screen because there is no feedback or other form of haptic experience. I never thought about it like that, but that made sense. 
#4 Posted by Se7enthSamurai (85 posts) -

Yeah he was a great guest and would definitely like him being brought back in a future bombcast.

#5 Posted by ChristianCastillo (1186 posts) -

Leigh Alexander :/ 

#6 Posted by luce (4056 posts) -
@ChristianCastillo said:
" Leigh Alexander :/  "
I hope shes Kaysen's next pick for "Goddess of the Forest"
#7 Posted by ajamafalous (12513 posts) -
@ChristianCastillo said:
" Leigh Alexander :/  "
#8 Posted by TheMustacheHero (6649 posts) -

Yeah I really liked this guy. He was smart, insightful, and well mannered. He should definitely be on a regular bombcast.

#9 Posted by Lunar_Aura (2824 posts) -

Did Dino mean by haptic feedback that Kinect might have trouble reading what motion you intended to be a command as opposed to a motion you didn't? Because every motion you do requires a reverse motion, what if Kinect interprets that reverse motion as a command the user didn't intend? Kinect is sounding more screwed up by the day.
#10 Edited by Evilsbane (5147 posts) -

Yes yes I have to agree, I was waiting the for that to be talked about or for them to let him talk but alas.. hopefully he will be a future guest seems like a cool dude.

#11 Posted by ZmillA (2352 posts) -

He was on the Dead Space 2 TNT tonight, January 27th 2011

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