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DinoCity is a Super Nintendo platformer game developed by Irem based on the TV movie Adventures in Dinosaur City from Smart Egg Pictures. The player assumes the role of Timmy or Jamie, two human children who are accidentally teleported to an alternate version of Earth where dinosaurs are sentient. In order to return home, they need to team up with two friendly dinosaurs (Rex helps Timmy and Tops helps Jamie) and recover a vital component from the Rockeys, a gang of villainous Neanderthals.

Like Konami's The Adventures of Bayou Billy, DinoCity is known for its high difficulty level which in part is due to its US release being considerably more challenging than the original Japanese version. The Japanese title, Dinowars: Kyouryuu Oukoku e no Daibouken, is the same name used for the Japanese version of the movie the game is based on.

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