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DiRT 2 – Part Sequel Part Amalgamation. 3

  A while ago DiRT hit the scene along with GRiD as Codemasters’ entry into the next gen racing platform, being next-gen rebranding of Colin McRae Rally and Toca Racedriver respectively. Dirt was a super solid racer that made up for its lack of online modes with a deep, varied campaign and slick graphics. Grid came out later on, and had beautiful visuals and completely solid online play. Its attention to detail, superb AI, respectable licensed vehicle library and detailed, open-ended campaign...

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    CODEMASTERS TAKE THE COLIN MCRAE FRANCHISE IN AN WHOLE NEW EXTREME DIRECTION!Colin McRae may no longer be with us, but the legendary rally star lives on in the form of the ever popular Colin McRae rally franchise developed by Codemasters. First appearing back in 1998, the series as gone from strength to strength being both a commercial success and a cult favourite with fans of the sport. Despite the popularity of 2007's Colin McRae DIRT, Codemasters have seen fit to re-imagine the franchise...

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Style and Substance come together in this well tuned racing game 0

Dirt 2, the newest game in Codemasters' Colin McRae lineage of games is an interesting example of style and substance coming together in a meaningful way. While there's no "story", you're just a guy (or girl) out to win some races and earn your place as a legend in the racing world, the out-of-race portions of the game do a great job of building up an interesting and believable game world. Visually engaging menus (set in and around your racing trailer across various world racing locales), and th...

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Best racer of 2009 0

Easily took the crown as the most enjoyable and rewarding racing game of recent years.  DiRT 2 is the best pure racer –with focus on racing rather than simulation- since Project Gotham Racing 4, and much more fun than the cold and anaesthetic  Forza 3. Amazing graphics, a solid frame-rate and a pumping soundtrack complete the package on one of the games of the year.    ...

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Fun for a while. 0

 DiRT 2 is built upon the groundwork of the previous DiRT game, with new features such as online play and flashback mode. Having not played the original, I really didn’t know what to expect going in to DiRT 2. One thing is for sure though, this is one hell of an off-road racing game that should not be glazed over. Starting out in DiRT 2, the first thing I noticed was the wonderful presentation. The menus don’t feel like menus–rather it feels as if you are smoothly transitioning from one thing t...

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Dirt 2 - Like the first one but better 0

I've been into rally games a long time and playing the Colin McRae games were the high point of that.But when Dirt first came out it took a drastic turn for the worse, the concept was all new, there were new race modes and not just the regular rally-stages. I went into it with a fresh mind, and thought 'hey, this is a pretty cool game!' so I played it a bit, but it just... didn't grow on me. There was something missing, not in the racing, they had that down, but just the overall feel of the game...

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Rally Done Right 0

 I have never traditionally been a big fan of rally racing games. Haven't liked one, to be honest, since the Saturn's Rally game. I didn't even much like the original DIRT game.So it was with some trepidation that I tried this one.And, for whatever reason, it really clicked with me. In a major way.The tracks are all over the world and all look different. Morocco doesn't look like Malaysia or Baja. Malaysia doesn't look like China or London. Each area, while having only one real track, all...

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Dirt 2 0

 While I’m not the biggest racing fan in the world, I still always enjoy a good racing title so long as it manages to keep the fun in tact without getting too hardcore on me. That’s an admission that full-blown racing sims are iffy to me, that while I appreciate the technical skill and presentation that usually goes along with those games I find it hard to enjoy myself from start to finish. The Dirt series may be less and less full blown simulation though and more geared towards a casual audienc...

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A tremendously fun ride, edge of your sest excitement. 0

 There are moments when it just clicks, rushing down a hill at breakneck speeds, barely hanging on, the road only just visible blurring beneath your wheels. It all come together and I fall in to a groove, rally racing at its purest, sheer terror in your eyes as you take hairpin corners at insane speeds, bouncing and tumbling across the over grown back roads of some exotic track; exhilarating and almost tiring, a tremendous amount of attention and pure skill to simply survive, maintain some level...

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Addictive Fun, But With Mixed Messages 0

  DiRT 2 Review NA Box Art 360 DiRT 2 is arcade rally racing game that is developed by Codemasters and is available   on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, DS, PSP and PC.   This is the first game in the Colin McRae series since his death and hence his name has been taked off the title of the European releases of the game but all the tribute content in the game is left in.   DiRT 2 features many different game types which include the classic rally mode, which see the player racing from point A t...

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DIRT 2 - A mixture of visual style and immersive gameplay. 0

Colin McRae: DIRT 2 Review Reviewed on PlayStation 3 Date: 27/09/09. As the latest game in the Colin McRae rally game series, Colin McRae DIRT 2 goes out of its way to improve upon it predecessor. It’s good to see that even after the death of Colin McRae Codemaster’s have kept the branding true to one of the sport’s most influential driver’s. Right from the off you are presented with an impressive looking introduction to rally driving. But unlike games like WRC, this rally game has an arcade lik...

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Dirty and Muddy...but Good 0

 The problem with DiRT 2 isn’t the great racing and visuals, but I felt a little cheated because this was basically DiRT with new tracks and some new cars. It almost exactly looked like DiRT and played like DiRT. As of now, especially with Forza 3, Gran Turismo 5, and Need for Speed: Shift setting new standards in racing, DiRT 2 feels dated and too much like an old arcade racer. ...

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Good off-road racing simulator. 0

Some discrepancies must be sated before anything else. Racing simulators are essentially different than arcade racers. Arcade tends to go for enjoyment over anything else, the sense of maximum speed controllable–sometimes uncontrollable–, crashes, curves at insane speeds and all that. Simulators on the other hand focus on the experience of driving. Since I can drive in real live and this so called experience is not as impressive as it sounds I tend to prefer the former. Simulators n...

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