Rally racing is actually really awesome

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I never paid much attention to rally racing, but Dirt 3 is getting me interested now.  Rally drivers are probably the best drifters out there, maybe not in a controlled environment around cones and things, but actually racing and drifting around corners that you can't see past takes a lot of guts.  I was going pretty fast the other day on a secluded narrow road that was super hilly and curvy, and on every bump at that speed it made me lose my stomach, and because it was raining when I went around the turns I had to constantly make corrections as the tires slipped... doing that for like 15 minutes was freaky, so doing it for real at actual high speeds must be incredibly stressful!  Mad respect to rally drivers!

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It is a pretty cool motorsport. Sadly it is pretty boring to watch for more than like 15 minutes. You basically have exactly this impression: "Wow, they are going really fast, on a really bad and narrow road. Potentially deadly trees, all around. Even with jumps!" But you get this all the time - no matter the driver, and there is no "direct competitive racing", only time trail.

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Long, easy, left, baby.

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I love how they communicate in a rally car. Its like their own language. I knew that one dude in the car relayed commands but I didn't know it was so damn fast. 

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I have more respect for rally racers than any other drivers out there. 
I love rally racing games the most because they focus more on the courses than the cars. I don't really give a shit about cars, tuning, or doing the same corner over and over again. Rally racing interests me because it is point to point racing with the most variety in track design and scenery.

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Out of all types of racing, Rally racing is the most interesting and exciting in my opinion. I'll definitely pick Dirt 3 up when it comes out.

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Rally is by far my fav kind of motorsport. I have mad respect for those guys, and love the games associated with rally. I only wish that it was more popular in the US/Canada...

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I really love rally and the WRC, too bad the WRC game wasn't very good. Go Mikko!!

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That video was intense. 

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God, that was crazy..hope he did well on that stage.  Stoked that Codies saw fit to make Rally the focus again in DiRT 3, at least mainly at 60%(their claim):p. Two days.
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Woah good graphics.

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I actually have been to a rally before - it's very intense even to watch. I never really played any of the Dirt games, but I might rent Dirt 3 - I loved the earlier Colin McRae games. Shame there will be no more.

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Colin Mcrae is truly amazing to watch. Legend. Watching videos like this you just have to sit back in awe of the skill on show.

  Dirt 3 is really exciting to me because it looks like it is toning it down a bit. If it was up to me I would have the UI from Dirt 1. They are definitely moving right back to rallying again, which is great. It's a shame they keep up with all of the Ken Block and Gymkhana stuff because Block isn't that good a rally driver. I guess Kris Meeke had something to do with this one which is good.
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These videos just remind me of the co-drivers outta cork, jesus christ.  I honestly think those are some of the funniest videos ever once they just start cussing.

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rally racing is all about trying to finish a lap without crashing into a rock/tree or driving off a cliff...

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Group B was the truest form of rally.

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Rally is really interesting to watch, but it looks like it would be horrifying to actually drive those courses.

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I've never been into watching the sport but I love games based on it, i'm really excited for Dirt 3 when that finally unlocks tonight :). 

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I would love to try that but I did not have a rich daddy to get me into the sport....  ; )
Golf was about it.

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Damn right it is...would be more popular in America if America didn't have lame-ass roads.

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