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searching around the giant bomb database of concepts, a recently stumbled upon disc streaming. Having contributed and added to this particular wiki, I find myself at a crossroads in what I should do about games that have a hybrid streaming system,  games that come to mind are killzone 2, Toy Story 3, and modern warfare 2 
While all these games stream data from disc in gameplay, they still have the traditional loading screens that we are so familiar with. 
in Killzone 2 when a player progresses past a "section" of a mission they will hit a invisible line which initiates loading the next area of the mission if a player goes too fast in triggering the loading and advancing to the new area a freeze occurs with a small "LOADING" message that appears on the HUD, usually lasting no longer than 1 to 4 seconds. 
So I asked the giant bomb community whether we could just mash all these games into the disc streaming category or create a new concept page that applies to a more specified type of loading?  

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Why not add the games you mentioned to the regular streaming page, but also create a hybrid streaming concept page and add them there too.

Think of it like this: hybrid streaming is just a subcategory of streaming, so both are valid concepts for those games. It's similar to a game that includes a palm tree; that game can fit into both the palm tree category and the general tree category.


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