Disgaea 3 Noob friendly?

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While trying to expand my gaming genre's to see what's out there since im so used to FPS games, I came across Disgaea 3. I'm definitely going to be picking it up but overall are the Disgaea games known to be somewhat noob friendly or no?

Because I've tried out demos of some SRPG's before that were quiet confusing and like a trickazooolian menu screens to do one attack.

I'm not to worried about menu screens in Disgaea 3 since from what I saw they're not over done.

Others new to the series, and seasoned disgaea destructors!! (echoing voice)...wats ur opinion?

Any hints or tips on being successful in the game?

Oh yea how the heck do you use those geo block thingys? I saw them in disgaea 2 as well I think? Or something like them.

ok bye now /\_/\

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disgaea seems to me very simple. at least, the main gameplay is simple.

there are some other things that I've never seen in games before, such as the item world and the dark assembly, but the game will explain those to you.

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im a newcome to the series but have successfully hunted down the first 2 to play through
the basic gameplay isnt too complex but in order to power level into the thousands and do millions of points of damage it'll probably involve crazy complex stuff
you dont need to do that though because of what i've heard beating the game and playing is successfully doesnt require too much of the crazyness

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YAY! for no needed crazyness!!!  /\_/\

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all you gotta do is rack up combos.

once you figure out that you can place characters on the field for combos and then withdraw them without any penalty it gets real easy.

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The Disgaea Franchise is great, because they allow you to exploit the system, so to speak. It's hard to explain, but after you play them you'll find that there are ways to make the games super easy, if u need to.

They don't get too bogged-down on the all the serious tactics, as most other SRPG's do. They're very light-hearted and concentrate more on the fun factor.

But then on the other flip-side of the coin, you have all the extra amazingly hard to get content after the main game is finished. Trying to get all the Pirate Maps in Disgaea 2 was such a pain in the ass.

In the end, they kind of make you want to make the game harder, by enticing you with new shiny items. I love Disgaea!
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Man you guys are getting me even more excited for this game LOL

and I'm a COD4/ Half-life 2 type of gamer lol /\_/\

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well, you can equip characters with guns.

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