Disgaea 4 (English Version)? Man, I Saw That

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So, I just got back from playing Disgaea 4, Cave Story 3DS, and Bleach: Soul Resurrection (not yet in Giant Bomb's database) at NIS America's May Press Event 2011.  Along with seeing a bunch of other recently announced games being localized for the U.S., like Atelier Totori and ClaDun x2 (again, not in Giant Bomb's database yet).   
Anyway, if anyone's interested, below are a few short videos of me playing Disgaea 4 in English .  Just ignore the fact that I was being a total weirdo at the beginning, 'cause I didn't know that I was being filmed at first :p  

I also took a bunch of pictures... maybe I'll post those later, but mostly all the important gaming stuff has probably hit the internet already.  

Here's the link to the new trailer too!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soH8jG_gfGQ.  Cheers!  

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OMG.  U lucky son of a bitch.  I just saw the new trailer for this game and I am sold on it being game of the year for me.  Map Editor, World Map, Running a Kingdom, HD sprites, Zetta; I think I am actually going to pre-order. 

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Looks like a game that will get me back into the series. 

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@MonetaryDread:  Haha, yeah, I was very thankful for being invited!  I can't wait to get my hands on the final release!  
@Marz:  Dood, get this one!  
Thanks for the replies, guys!  
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I already own all the prior released Disgaea games both on consoles and psp, think ive had my fill of this series.
Its nice they finally upped the sprite resolution but frankly its too little too late after the abomination that was D3.
(So yeah i'l probably end up picking this up out of the bargain bin in a year or 2 just for the sake of keeping my collection complete.)

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I like that last video

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