Disgaea 4 premium packages!

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Today NIS announced that there will be two premium packages of Disgaea 4, but sadly did not release the price point for each one.

  • The Premium Package comes with a soft cover art book, an OST a figure of the new prinny dressed character Fuka, and different box art for the game
  • They are also offering an online only  Super Premium Package that seems even more awesome and ridiculous. It comes with everything featured in the normal premium package, but comes with nine extra figurines. They only picture six figures on their site. The pictured figurines are Varbatose, Fenrir, Vulcan, Desco, Emizeru, and Axel. I wonder who the other three figurines are. I am really hoping for Laharl, Etna, and Flonne *crosses fingers*    

Anyways, I was just wondering what other Disgaea fans think about this. I personally am super pumped. The pre-orders don't start until July. NIS will alert you if you give them your email though. 

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Have bemused my self a while with buying burning my money on figurines and if theres one thing ive learned from it is not to trust the quality of bonus figurines, even if it is a nendroid.

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I don't feel the need to purchase the special edition, but I love that the regular edition will be $50 as opposed to $60. That's pretty darn cool.

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