Disgaea 4 will hit North America by summer 2011

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I'm subscribed to Atlus USA's Prinny Newsletter service. I've received an email concerning the unveilling of Disgaea 4 saying that the game will hit the NA market by "the next summer". That's what was written.
edit: here's the image that was in the email:

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Laharl may not be the main character, but any game that allows for further Prinny abuse is a game I endorse.

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Never played a Disgaea game, should I?
I'm into JRPG's like Dark Cloud 2, Lost Odyssey, FF9 and more recently Eternal Sonata was better than I expected. I loathed FFX and XII, and liked some aspects of Valkria Profile:Silmeria, though it gets really grind heavy later on.
So make an assessment.

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@FourWude: Have you ever played Final Fantasy Tactics or something similar? Not that it's a prerequisite or anything, but Disgaea's a Strategy RPG. The gameplay is pretty easy to get into as well (there's essentially no need to grind unless you want to get into the insanity of the 100+ hour postgame), the humor is good, the characters are always great, and the plots tend to be surprisingly deep, particularly during their bad ending's.
In all honestly I'd recommend the series to anyone.
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I might add that if you like chess, you will like Disgaea, or strategy RPGs in general.
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I should go try to finish Disgaea 3. 
And 1. 
Wow I really fucking suck at Disgaea.

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If they add a quick save option so I can take a break from Item Worlding without bailing on it, this will never leave my PS3.

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Can't wait! The teaser video was insane!

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Nice Dood!

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Expect an August 30 release.

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have not played a disega game but if its like FF tactice i might pick it up
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i've never been good at Disgaea games... I like them a LOT but... i can never get through them.. ;_;

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I poured around 200 hours into the remake of the first one for PSP and loved every minute of it, but after that have never felt compelled to play another Disgaea game.
It looks really nice from that trailer though, so it's a solid maybe for me.

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