Share you PSN ID for Disgaea 4

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Hey guys. I thought it'd be cool to share our PSN ID to take advantage of some of the online elements like map sharing and whatever else this game has. The online isn't a very big part of the game but I would still like to see some other users Foreign Ministers and maps. If it interests you please leave your PSN ID and I will add you.

PSN ID: SuperWristBands

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Still looking for some people.

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This probably isn't the thread for this. But I'm kinda interested in it, only it seems totally impenetrable to me, having not played a Disgaea game before.
If I do take the plunge though I'll be sure to check back here!

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@SuperWristBands: Added ya man

EDIT: Added the rest of the people here. fyi PSN is Wiseguy13

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mine is AjayRaz, though i haven't started Disgaea 4 since i'm finishing up Disgaea 3 before i jump in.

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@Chop: Thank you, good sir.

@AjayRaz: Added ya anyways.

@mwng: There is a lot to do in this game but off the bat I wouldn't say it is too impenetrable. There is definitely some crazy stuff to get into, but the game introduces them slowly so that it eases those unfamiliar with the game into it (I'm guessing that you will need to find information on the internet about things post game). Also, I find Disgaea to be pretty easy in terms of SRPGs. I've heard that it gets crazy hard after you beat the game and open up the post game missions, but by that time one would probably be prepared for them. Even if it means hella grindin'.

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LordToastington. Adding you now.

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AntonioTheDeadly, just finished chapter 3 and I think I got a hang of the new features of the game.

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gillman would love an add to invade some people's senate.

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psn id:miva2

D4 finally released in Europe!

i feel sorry for my other games i'm not playing.

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ID: ageha_stg

I hope some people are still playing :I

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PSN RabidMickeyMouse I bought the game today. It's updating but I'll be playing some this week. My first Disgaea game!

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Once I've finished Disgaea 3 on the Vita, I'll be getting this for the PS3. MR187UK on PSN and XBL.

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