Will Disgaea 4 not look like crap?

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I don't consider myself much of graphics whore, but I found Disgaea 3 unplayable because of its blurry, low-rez graphics.

I was so excited to play a PS3 NIS game, too. Maybe that's why it seemed like such cheap corner-cutting.

The screenshots for Disgaea 4 look great, but that doesn't necessarily mean it'll look great on a large, high-def TV. Has anyone seen a side-by-side comparison, or played Disgaea 4 already?

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They will be using hi def sprites or so they say....
Im betting it will look comparable if not slightly better than how disgaea 2 looked on a SDtv, they are still using the same engine theyve been using in 2002 afterall

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It'll still look like crap but I'll still buy it because it's always fun. There's literally nothing else like it coming out anywhere, except the PSP remakes.

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Nice comparison, onimonkii!

So it does look pretty nice. Pre-order'd.

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@lowercase16:  I played the English version a couple months ago, on what I believe was a 24" HD monitor.  It was a near finished debug build of the game.  
I honestly remember how utterly disappointed I was when I got Disgaea 3, because I got my first HD TV around the same time.  All my other games looked amazing, but not Disgaea 3 :'(  
Anyway, Disgaea 4 looks great and you shouldn't be disappointed!  When I was playing it, I just enjoyed the game and didn't even think about the graphics at all.  Here's the thread of me playing the game:  http://www.giantbomb.com/disgaea-4-a-promise-unforgotten/61-32698/disgaea-4-english-version-man-i-saw-that/35-495742
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You mean it isn't out yet? For some reason, I thought that they've already released it.

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