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Known in Japan as Disgaea portable, Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness is the English name for the psp remake of the first game in the Disgaea series, Hour of Darkness, which appeared on the Playstation 2.

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness boxart

Afternoon of Darkness features a number of changes including an "Etna" mode where Etna accidently kills Laharl waking him at the beginning of the game and is instead the main character. There are extra boss battles including a battle with some of the characters from Disgaea 2, as well as multiplayer modes (Battle, Capture the Flag and Defeat the Leader), a first for the Disgaea series.

There is also a music shop and a stats keeper, neither of which featured in Disgaea 1.

Afternoon of Darkness was converted to a 16:9 format (from the originals 4:3) to take advantage of the PSP's widescreen.

In addition, Afternoon of Darkness includes a complete dual language option (English and the original Japanese) and the option to turn off battle animations. Most of the silent Japanese cut scenes now include voice acting. However, when set to English, the scenes that were originally silent in the PS2 release are still silent. To reflect the change in Etna's voice actor, her lines have been re-recorded to match Michelle Ruff's portrayal of Etna in Disgaea 2

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