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64562 chilibean_3 Game Overview nevermind about that last release date edit, this one keeps the japan date but still revised the bit of text to reflect release 10/21/13 01:39PM 1 Approved
64560 chilibean_3 Game Overview Updated release date and revised a bit of text to reflect release 10/21/13 01:36PM 16 Approved
61681 SolarMaster85 Game Releases 10/09/13 03:45AM 7 Approved
59259 LentFilms Game Releases 09/26/13 08:02AM 1 Approved
59258 LentFilms Game Releases 09/26/13 08:01AM 1 Approved
59257 LentFilms Game Releases 09/26/13 08:01AM 5 Approved
59256 LentFilms Game Releases 09/26/13 08:00AM 6 Approved
58633 Jag12 Game Releases Fixed publisher and added developer 09/22/13 08:08PM 8 Approved
56788 Marino Game Overview 09/12/13 11:29AM 2 Approved
55443 BlackLagoon New Release 09/06/13 08:47AM 7 Approved
55441 BlackLagoon Game Overview 09/06/13 08:46AM 4 Approved
55438 BlackLagoon Game Releases 09/06/13 08:41AM 22 Approved
55433 Sagatron Game Releases Updating release due to offical information on PS Blog 09/06/13 07:22AM 4 Approved
47485 Jag12 New Release 08/04/13 12:16PM 7 Approved
25159 DevourerOfTime Game Overview 04/25/13 10:28AM 4 Approved
13372 DevourerOfTime Game Overview Added returning Disgaea characters appearing in the DLC. 03/13/13 03:08PM 4 Approved
7612 DevourerOfTime Game Releases Slight changes to release data. 02/22/13 11:43PM 8 Approved
7507 DevourerOfTime Game Overview Updating name. 02/22/13 05:05PM 1 Approved
7481 DevourerOfTime Game Releases Updated with NA name 02/22/13 04:32PM 1 Approved
7465 Marino Game Overview 02/22/13 03:16PM 1 Approved
7170 DevourerOfTime Game Overview 02/21/13 11:20PM 15 Approved
7167 DevourerOfTime Game Overview Smallest of changes to the overview. 02/21/13 11:12PM 1 Approved
7161 DevourerOfTime New Release 02/21/13 10:55PM 4 Approved
2964 DevourerOfTime Game Overview Addded images/captions. 02/15/13 02:11PM 7 Approved
2823 NuclearWinter Game Overview 02/15/13 10:36AM 3 Approved
2205 DevourerOfTime Game Overview Rewrote the wiki entirely, making it more conscise. Fixed grammar, spelling, punctuation, added links, etc. Added overview. 02/14/13 05:15PM 65 Approved
2086 drac96 Game Releases Added Nippon Ichi as the developer and publisher of the Japanese release. 02/14/13 02:37PM 16 Approved
1667 drac96 Game Overview Added a plot and some of the new/returning features 02/13/13 11:54PM 374 Approved

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