Definitive version of this game?

#1 Posted by homewrecker (204 posts) -

Hi, I'm looking for the version of this game to get. From what I know, there are versions of Disgaea 1 on the PS2, PSP and DS, and I was wondering which of the three is the version I should get. Thanks.

#2 Posted by BoG (5390 posts) -

The PSP version is an enhanced version of the PS2 game, and the DS game is a port of the PSP game. It depends on hour preference at that point, but I'd say the PSP game is superior to the DS game based on hardware. Touch controls don't really add much, I used the d-pad on the DS version anyways.

#3 Posted by endaround (2243 posts) -

Yeah the PSP version. And being able to suspend is heaven sent.

#4 Posted by SpaceRunaway (902 posts) -

I like having portable Disgaea. It's a good fit.

Also, the PS2 version (or maybe just the first run of the PS2 version) has a bug with the Japanese language settings, and it plays in English. You know, in case...that's...a priority for you.

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Agreed. PSP version is your best bet.

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