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I havent played Disgaea for ages (and when I last played it I didnt get very far), but the other day I suddenly hit me that I had a psp with Disgaea on it so I wanted to start playing it again. Loving it, but I cant shake the feeling that Im doing something wrong that will come back to haunt me later due to my inexperience. Im sort of an perfectionist when it comes to games like this so I can vividly imagine myself starting the game over when/if I discover this mistake, and I dont think my love for Disgaea would survive a reboot.

Does anyone know some guide with general pointers and good advice for the game or maybe even have some themselves?

Ive already discovered the most important one(I think) for myself... SAVE OFTEN! Had to learn that the hard way. Sucked:/
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If your looking for some good guides, try gamefaqs or perhaps the guide section of this site?

You have, however, reminded me that I need to get this game again for the PS2, It's bloody great!

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I have been looking on GameFAQ and places like that, but most of the stuff on sites like that are step-by-step walkthroughs. I was more looking for general guidelines so I could play the game my own way when I had a good grasp of the mechanics. But I guess I just might have to learn the hard way... Just looking for a shortcut :)

and yeah youre right. Its an amazing game... I think... Not that far yet as you might be able to see from original post :P

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