Next Endurance Run: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness?

#1 Posted by lemon360 (1231 posts) -

What do you think? Will it make a good ER?

#2 Posted by Tiwi (1423 posts) -

well kinda. but please can you elaborate? why do you think that it would make a good ER?

#3 Posted by lemon360 (1231 posts) -
@tiwi said:
" well kinda. but please can you elaborate? why do you think that it would make a good ER? "
well it looks like good rpg, theres some voice acting from what i can tell, it'll take a while to beat and the characters look cool. More importantly i haven't touched it so i wouldn't mind watching an ER of it and playing it later.
#4 Posted by Nexas (644 posts) -

Nah too much grind not enough story.

#5 Posted by DerekDanahy (873 posts) -

I have a good feeling they won't want to do another ER.

#6 Posted by Feanor (1440 posts) -

I hope they do.  Most of this sites content is for a crappy jrpg right now.

#7 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12984 posts) -

Disgaea is a strategy RPG is it not? I have a feeling that Jeff and Vinny wouldn't be able to fumble through it like they have been able to with Persona 4.

#8 Posted by iAmJohn (6167 posts) -
@Nexas said:
" Nah too much grind not enough story. "
Yeah.  I played through some of Disgaea 3 with my friend and ended up being kind of bored by it.  I like the grinding episodes because it's funny to hear Jeff and Vinny talk about random things to keep themselves from going mental, but a Disgaea ER would pretty much be nothing but that.
#9 Posted by Tiwi (1423 posts) -

I think persona 5 could be the next. but that's about 1 year after they come out.

#10 Posted by CactusWolf (533 posts) -

Assuming they go for another ER, I doubt it'll be something along these lines. 
The only reason they pursued Persona 4 is because they both had interest in it, but a lack of time.

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