Anyone else encountering weird bugs?

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I've come across this situation twice. I'll be playing silently, hiding bodies if I must and being generally sneaky. While playing, i'll make a mistake and cause the the AI to go into an alert state. So i'll reload a previous manual save and for some odd reason, the AI will immediately go into an alerted frenzy again. I swear i'm not crazy, and i'm not loading up an autosave. My most recent encounter with this was on The Royal Physician mission. I also received the Manipulator achievement without ever trying. It just randomly popped while playing and i'm not quite sure, what i'd done to cause it to activate. Weird stuff.

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I haven't encountered any bugs yet, and I've played through the game twice. It's been pretty much flawless for me on the technical side of things.

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There was one instance for me where Havelock just sort of slid across the floor without moving during a cutscene, like his animation was borked.

#4 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2763 posts) -

Yeah I'm only a few hours in and I've encountered quite a few bugs. The first mission was pretty much broken until I reloaded.

Side note, it's really irritating how quickly guards respawn during a mission. Makes it damn near impossible to quietly take everyone out and explore when they're just replaced five minutes later.

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