anyone see the new trailer for this yet?

#1 Posted by blackbird415 (808 posts) -

Its all cg, but im pretty excited seeing what they've done. The artstyle is pretty friggin' cool, hopefully they keep up with the way the vehicles and whatnot look

What do you guys think?

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#2 Edited by Packie (257 posts) -

Already posted in the main page and yes it looks pretty fucking awesome.

Also, it's made by Arkane. The guys who made, Dark Messiah, the most hilarious Orc kicking simulator ever so we can expect really damn good first person combat.

#3 Posted by stryker1121 (1784 posts) -

Very nice, indeed, even if it's only CG.I read an article about Dishonored in GI last year, and the gameplay elements and setting are very intriguing. Would like to see a release date on this puppy soon. Maybe a summer release? This game would get swallowed up in the fall rush I fear, or else get pushed to next year.

#4 Posted by blackbird415 (808 posts) -

@Packie: I did not realise this. This definitly gives me a better idea about the game. I think i'll enjoy it. I liked dark messiah, even with all its flaws and bugs

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