Doing a second playthrough without any HUD elements

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@zenmastah: Those look nice and all, but someone (a moderator, or a forum user who knows the forum rules) is probably going to give you a hard time because your post contains absolutely no words.

It's a rule because otherwise people sign up for accounts just to post links to their Youtube videos or whatever else, and that's not being a very involved member of the forum community. So could you try and add like a paragraph or two of text to your post?

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Well if the whole idea behind this is against the forum rules, ill just stop posting images and this thread can be deleted.

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@zenmastah: No don't do that, just edit the post and give me some impressions of what it's like to play the game without the HUD.

Other than it looking cool, how are you finding gameplay, etc? Do you miss the HUD ever? Are you realizing some things about how the game communicates its gameplay? Drop knowledge yo! Before a moderator drops an axe..

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@zenmastah: Are you saying that there is nothing to say about your playthrough? 'Cause if there is nothing to say about something that you are doing, then chances are that it isn't really worth doing.

Meanwhile, I could applaud you for attempting this but I couldn't ever see myself doing it. Playing without quest markers? Yeah, sure. I did that for a while and playing like that is actually pretty fun. Playing without no HUD elements at all? Nah, that doesn't sound entertaining at all to me. Just needless difficulty.

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Well, first of english isnt my first language so without subtitles im already noticing the voice actors performances differently simply because i have to pay more attention to them.

Without the HUD i play slow and as methodical as i can, which is totally opposite to my first playthrough where i just went from marker to marker really. I mean its different for sure but all the info i need is in journals and the heart actually shows runes and bones through walls even when theres no HUD, so theyre findable quite easily.

If i were to go for a non-lethal playthrough it would be hard as fuck, but im not so the pacing is just much slower this time around.

Game has such a beautiful artstyle and im really liking that when im proceeding more slowly, im noticing it more.

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is this doable first-time through? i really love when i can view a game's world unoccluded by HUD elements.

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Id say that its totally doable, but later on would get frustrating.

F5 is my new best friend, lol. Reminds me of playing games way back when when there was a decent amount of challenge and you had to actually think a little to make progress.

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I dunno man, the AI in that game is pretty cartoony and lame, and I still can't figure out whether I'm playing an open-world game or not.

I just didn't feel that game, at all. But your screenshots are great! Must be thrilling to play without HUD.

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Getting more and more used to not having a HUD on, im really liking this playthrough more.

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