Enemies take damage from sliding down stairs?

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I'm playing through Dishonored on Normal/mostly stealth for my first playthrough. I kill only where it is absolutely necessary (basically when I don't feel like reloading a save.).

I accidently picked up the perk for turning corpses into ashes upon death. Twice today while I playing I sleep-bolted an enemy at the top of a set of stairs and had him slide down the stairs because of physics. During the slide the corpse would turn to ashes and it would count as a kill at the end of the mission.

Has anyone had this happen to them? Is it a bug? I guess if it's in the game let this be a cautionary tale to those going through with the intention of never killing anyone.

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Stairs kill people, why I'm afraid of them

#3 Posted by Gantrathor (214 posts) -

If an enemy hits his head hard enough, it will kill him. So no, it's not a bug. Just fragile guardsmen.

#4 Posted by TheHumanDove (2523 posts) -

It's definitely a bug in real life when people die falling down the stairs

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More fun to chuck 'em out a window.

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I had something similar happen to me after just taking out the first overseer. He was unconscious and I was carrying him up some strairs. I put him down on the stairs to take care of a guard and when i turned around he was slowly sliding down the stairs on his face, and when he hit the bottom step he somehow died. I wanted to take care of him indirectly, and luckily i saved just before i took him out, so i just loaded up the save.

This game seems like it's too much hassle to go through the game as a non-killing ghost, so i am just going to continue and enjoy the game at my whim and then if i still want to continue playing, which I probably will if the game continues to be this fun, I will try to complete it in complete stealth.

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yep. was watching my friend try to brand the first dude. he put him down on some stairs and looked away for a bit, then a big TERMINATED thing came across the screen and i started laughing my ass off

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If anybody asks, she fell down the stairs.

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@Dagbiker said:

If anybody asks, she fell down the stairs.

Ah, subtle dark humor.

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Yup that's a bug, only people in telenovelas die from falling down the stairs.

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Water does a similar thing, even if it's really shallow water, as soon as an unconscious person touches the stuff they turn into ash.

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@BR4DL3I9H The image of him sliding face first down the stairs made my day. lol
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While we are on the subject of accidental death. In the first mission you are asked to save the watchman guy from being poisoned. I did this by smashing the glasses so he and the overseer leave the room, then I sleep darted him. However after the mission when you go back to shore his daughter told me he was dead?! How could that be?

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@Mister_V: You need to carry him to a "safe place" ( a dumpster in the right area outside the building). They kill him if you leave him there.

#16 Posted by Mister_V (1382 posts) -
@soundlug ah. I panicked when the 2 guards came out the door and ran away.

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