Help getting a rune (potential spoilers?)

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So I can't seem to get this one or find a way to get at it... Dunwall Tower when you return to it late in the game. Only one I can't seem to find a good way to get at? Do I have to exit the tower from inside somewhere to get at it and if so where? =\

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You have to get to the roof, which you can only access from the inside. (staircase near the target's room)

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@SlashDance said:

You have to get to the roof, which you can only access from the inside. (staircase near the target's room)

Depending on how your mission goes you may have to head up there

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@Genkkaku: Oh. So thats the panic room they were talking about. Gotcha.. I'm actually sitting in his room now. Which wasn't...hard to get to. Blink to the balcony and choke 'em out. Easy peasy. XD

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@Demoskinos: Yeah, when I got that I was wondering why there were so many guards.. I didn't even notice the balcony till after I knocked out every guard on the second floor :|

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@Genkkaku: That guy who rolls around with the dog is a pain in the ass. -__-

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@Demoskinos: I rounded the corner and he ended up surprising the shit out of me so when I loaded I quickly rounded the corner and put the dog to sleep then hit him with like 2 sleep darts then had to hide both bodies before anyone came by..

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@Genkkaku: Yeah my new favorite thing to do with groups of people is to stop time sleep dart one and choke the other. =D

#9 Posted by Genkkaku (755 posts) -

@Demoskinos: Haha, I upgraded the stop time ability but never used it the entire game, until I got annoyed and just went on a rampage.. But there is nothing quite like choking a dude while he vomits.. Man this game does have some amazing possibilities with playstyles, kinda wish it had more attack powers (or different at least)

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