Important thing to know before I do anything stupid (saves)

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I have just started playing this game but I have spent over six hours playing it and I recently completed my first real mission. Love this game so far.

Now, my problem is that I also record video of games and put up on my website. But the thing is I don't want to risk loosing my save files because I want to replay parts of the earlier mission to show my viewers the cool parts. And I have heard alot of different things how the save states and the autosave works in this game. I heard that all autosaves disapear if you go back to a old mission, is that really correct? Is the only way to go back to a more new mission by choosing it through the mission select option? How does the game handle manual saves I've made? Does those get deleted too?

At this point I think I'm quite safe. As I said, I recently came back home to the base after completing the first mission. That would mean that I can reach the second mission just by choosing it on the mission select option. Can I go back to a earlier point in mission 1, play/record a part of it and then return to a manual save I did in the beginning at Mission 2? What if I go in with a manual save but then the game autosaves because I walk past a trigger point in Mission 1? Can I stil return to my regular playthrough by choosing "continue" on the main menu? really don't wanna risk loosing all that progress. Also....I play on a Xbox 360 if that makes things different.

Also...Mission 2 begins the moment after the Mission summary screen disapears, right? So that would mean Mission 2 begins in the base.

So my point is. Is it safe to replay missions without risk loosing actual progress saves? How does it work? Help me people!

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Manually save it and you'll be fine.

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@Marcsman said:

Manually save it and you'll be fine.

So that means that the game only deletes it's autosaves?

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Whoa whoa whoa. You're asking like a dozen questions at once. I keep reading your post, but I don't know quite exactly what you're saying. But you can save literally anywhere you want in the game. So I'll just say that if it's really a big deal to you, then save often, and keep track of where you are when you save it.

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@Dogma said:

@Marcsman said:

Manually save it and you'll be fine.

So that means that the game only deletes it's autosaves?

Yes. It doesn't delete manual saves.

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@PrivateIronTFU said:

@Dogma said:

@Marcsman said:

Manually save it and you'll be fine.

So that means that the game only deletes it's autosaves?

Yes. It doesn't delete manual saves.

Yeah....first of all I'm sorry that I wrote a bunch of different stuff and mabey confused you guys but I just wanted to cover all types of problems or scenarios that coudl happen. I had googled this but without any luck (except for Gamefaqs & Gamespot hits but those sites are down) so I felt I wanted to be really sure becaue I had read wierd stuff about the save system.

What I don't want is to go back to a manual save and then realize I can't return to Mission 2 (in this case) because it potentially could have delated my saves or overwritten them. That was my fear.

EDIT: Oh yeah.... thanks! I think I dare to do my thing now. ^^

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Yikes that's a lot of rabble, manual saves work just fine! They have different pictures on the level your on as well.

Did you have a bad experience with The Walking Dead? :P

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It does limit manual saves though, just a heads up. But then you can always go back to any mission from the main menu.

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For clarity, there are three kinds of saves:

Manual saves

  • The game will not delete these. There may be a limit on the number of these saves you can have but it's probably pretty high (20+).


  • A quicksave is what's saved/loaded whenever you hit F5/F9. There's only one quicksave slot and it's overwritten each time you hit F5. To my knowledge the game will not overwrite or delete a quicksave on its own.


  • This one is where the game automatically saves at predetermined locations. There's only one auto-save slot and it's overwritten every time you hit a valid checkpoint. This save will be wiped if you start a new game or progress from an older save to a different checkpoint.


Bonus: Why do I hyphenate "auto-save" but not "quicksave"? I have no idea!

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Save system in this is bat shit crazy. By the end of the game my Load Save screen looked like someone took them all, ate them, and then proceeded to shit them all over an innocent hard drive.

@Dogma: If you want to use the Auto Saves to record really cool shit in this game then I suggest to record before leaving the level. As soon as you proceed to the next level the auto saves get rewritten.

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