Just beat the game, here's what I thought *spoilers*

#1 Posted by Pierre42 (308 posts) -

It seems ok, I was glad I didn't have to kill Havelock I liked him. Final level seemed real easy though, climb this climb that over the glass roof. Havelock doesn't want to fight oh wait he does, shame he's just as vulnerable to everything as any other guard.

Overall the game was ok, felt the end was a bit anti-climactic and stealth elements I felt were lacking and I really hope people look to it as 'the future' of stealth gaming. A friend of mine was like "Sure it's fine because if you get found you ain't powerless and can fight back" but that's not what I'm looking for in a stealth game. Throughout the game I just thought "I could kill every one of these men with ease" but I was playing low chaos and I'm not sure the 'fight back' attitude is what's right for a stealth game. Sure you can be lethal but mainly when you surprise people is the attitude I think it should be. Not "Oh I've been found, all these suckers are going to die" before you stop time and wipe them all out.

If they properly incorporated shadows into it and gave you some more feedback it'd play better I feel but ah well the stealth in this game basically felt like "Can you get above them? Good then you are stealthy" but I guess thats the result of an ability like blink giving you such movement.

My next playthrough where I slaughter everyone will be undoubtedly easier since I can use the rest of my arsenal other than sleep bolts I guess.

Plottwist was predictable but hey the universe was interesting enough, here's hoping they make a sequel set elsewhere.

#2 Posted by crush3x5 (54 posts) -

Ya i found the ending pretty lame. Not to mention the start of the game's story really had me interested but that kind of went away rather quickly. Also the final mission was one of the easiest missions in the game which was also kind of lame. Not as impressed as most people with the game not sure whether or not I will even get the sequel or not.

#3 Posted by BBQBram (2402 posts) -

If they'd make a sequel I'd be on that in a heartbeat. I didn't really mind the weak story because the world itself was so rich with details and back-story, it was more about my direct engagement with the environment, and the atmosphere.

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