KB/M or Controller for Dishonored on PC?

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I'll be honest in that I wasn't that interested in Dishonored until about a week ago and wasn't following the game at all. But when I actually read what the game was about I was instantly interested. Anyways I have the PC version preordered and I'm wondering as to what you guys are thinking in terms of KB/M or controller. I've tried very hard to avoid reading any more info or watching any videos, including the QL, until I actually play the game. So I have no idea really of what the devs or anyone has said regarding the controls on PC.

I know the game isn't out, but I'm hoping someone on here who may have been following the game more closely could shed some light on this. For instance in Borderlands 2, I knew I was going to use a controller from the start, even if it sucked. I'd switch to KB/M obviously if that was so, but from the pre-release coverage I already knew which way I wanted to go.

For me its a bit more an important choice since I'm a 25' HDMI cord to HDTV w/ couch type of PC gamer. I like to take advantage of controller support and that means I need to unroll the HDMI cable form behind my TV and connect it to my PC since I typically use my PC at a desk. I hate having to fiddle with the controls during the early parts of games and then realize the KM/M was the way to go when I'm already all settled on the couch. Its the same feeling of playing the first hour of a PC game with Fraps on in the corner figuring out the best settings.

So what are you planning on using?

And for when the game does go live eventually, what are you using?

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Well...firstly, it's a first-person game; secondly, there's a lot of powers which you can assign to hotkeys...

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Well, i'd agree with the above person, but then you said you knew you were going to play Borderlands 2 with a controller from the start, so i have absolutely no idea since i think that's crazy.

Keyboard/Mouse for me definitely, but judging from what you've said you'll probably want to play with a controller, heretic.

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I'm playing with lots of macro keys

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I guess it depends on whether you want the lean back or lean forward experience. For me personally, lean back is the way to go for 'console port', or whatever you wanna call 'em games, even most FPSs (with the exception of competitive online stuff). I play basically all games that don't absolutely require KB/M with a controller if there's the option, and in this case, it's baked right in.

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@BeachThunder said:

Well...firstly, it's a first-person game; secondly, there's a lot of powers which you can assign to hotkeys...

So Controller right?

Everything about this game screens KB/M also have the hot bar will be super convenient with the Keyboard, and even though the quicklook the aiming looked kinda lock-on (which is a nice touch) it'll still feel better with a mouse

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For a stealth game I can't imagine playing without analog movement. So controller all the way !

Plus first person games play fine with a controller guys, this isn't 1998. I'm not gonna play Hard Reset or BF3 online with a controller but for something like Dishonored I don't think keyboard/mouse can beat controller/couch.

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Seems like the platforming with the blink ability would be alot easier using a mouse to free look, but that's just me. Never really liked playing shooting games with a controller. But from the videos i've seen it doesn't seem to matter too much where you aim the weapon, enemies seem to go down pretty easily with the guns/crossbow.

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There are 2 main factors at play here that swing it into K&M easily for me: keyboard bindings and shortcuts for the many abilities, using mouse to make blinking much easier.

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I can't play First-Person Games with a Controller, I tried but I just can't. So it'll be M/KB for me.

Also, Shortcuts (so I basically repeat what everbody else said)

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