Non-stealth action

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Most people are playing Dishonored as a really patient stealth game, but it turns out the systems of sliding and blinking and slowing down time are also really capable of being the opposite thing, as shown by this insane John-Woo murder-lord.    

My favourite thing is how he stands around banging on metal pipes until the guards come. This makes me want to try a hungry hungry psycho run.
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That looks awesome. Playing stealth now with low kills but I'd like to replay this way just going nuts and using the more violent powers.

Man that slide under the table with the trap is just BAD ASS.

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Man that slide under the table while planting the springrazor. GOTY right here people.

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Oh cool this must be the video they were talking about on idle thumbs

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I really haven't tried to play this way and watching this it's really reminding me of Might and Magic Dark Messiah... which makes sense of course.

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@Riboflavin: It is! I am halfway through that episode right now and I looked up the video.
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Murder-lord is my new favorite term.

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Im just wondering.. Is stuff like this do-able with a controller?

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So cool... I rented Dishonored for the 360 and got a bit tired of the stealth. I mean, I love stealth games but I feel like I've done that for so many games this generation (I always do the stealthy gameplay on Elder Scrolls/Fallout games, I did Deus Ex purely stealthy etc etc) so I feel like, when I finally pick this up on PC, I'm gonna try and do this. It'll be hard to break out of my stealthy nature, but I think it'd be awesome.

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I wish I played the game this way. Playing stealthy without killing anyone pretty much ruined the experience for me, since you have very little to do this way.

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@Meltac said:

Im just wondering.. Is stuff like this do-able with a controller?

I would say yes. The controls are pretty fluid on the controller. The only times controls can get wonky are when you're trying to blink to a ledge (Patrick pointed this out in the QL) or when you're doing a drop assassination. Overall I would say it's more about getting the timing down right, less about the controls being unresponsive.

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That video did more to pique my interest in this game than any of the trailers or positive reviews have. I'm burned out on stealth, or possibly, my tastes in games has changed in recent years. I was playing Mark of the Ninja recently and realized I wasn't having much fun with it. Which was odd, as five/ten years ago I would have been all over that game with the sneaking and the stealthing and the retrying checkpoints to get everything to happen just so.

If Hitman turns out to be a bust, I might jump on this next week.

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I'm finding non stealth alot more fun and the sounds are alot more satisfying

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When I get around to this, I am totally just slaughtering everyone that gets in my way.

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Man, Dishonored is probably going to turn out to be my 2013 2012 game of the year.

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Guess I'm playing through Dishonored again.

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