Question about the story (story spoilers)

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(story spoilers)

Hey guys. I am about 8 hours in and I still can't quite figure out one key plot device: Is the empress that was murdered in the opening Corvo's wife? Meaning that the girl is your daughter? I realize she has a crayon drawing of someone on your desk that says Daddy, but it also says this is you without a mask.

So that IS his daughter right? or did I misinterpret something?

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For me it seemed like he was just the bodyguard. But the little girl says att one point "You were more than a bodyguard for my mother" so im guessing its implied they had some relationship.

But i dont think the girl is her daughter.

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The game never says anything either way about Corvo and the Empress's relationship, but Corvo is like a father to Emily, even if not biologically he basically raised her, so i wouldn't read too much into that.

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It's implied that you were sleeping with the empress, but it's not implied that you're the girl's father.

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Ok, I just finished it... it explicitly implies that you were her mother at one point. Can anyone else weigh in?

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@klinkcow said:

Ok, I just finished it... it explicitly implies that you were her mother at one point. Can anyone else weigh in?

You mean father, unless you make a sex change during the game.

From the wiki:

It is speculated amongst some citizens of Dunwall, including Admiral Havelock and, indirectly, Treavor Pendleton, that Corvo Attano is her [Emily's] father.

Accompanying this, it is speculated in Farley Havelock's journal that Emily Kaldwin may be Corvo's daughter. Similarly, Treavor Pendleton states that "everyone knows [he was] fucking the Empress."

In contrast, if Corvo's chaos is low, Emily will draw a picture of him without his mask, with the word "daddy" on it.

"When you are near my heart is at peace... Hurry home Corvo." - Jessamine Kaldwin

So I guess you were both her bodyguard and her lover.

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Think it is also quite telling that in the "low chaos" ending Emily buries you besides the Empress.

Probably wouldnt happen if Corvo wasnt the actual father of Emily.

Here is the youtube video of it:

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