Replaying missions.

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Initially I planned on just going through the game and playing it by ear. Unfortunately my completionist side took over. I just finishedthe first real mission both without getting seen (tho for some reason achievement didn't pop up) and without killing anyone. This kind of made me want to do the entire game like that. Unfortunately during the prison escape I killed the dude that the tutorial tells you do drop on.

Will going back to that mission and replaying it without kills count towards a no kill playthrough? Or do you have to do it from the start?

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@Tennmuerti: I thought everything in the prison didn't count? That said, you probably should be able to get out of it without having to kill anyone.

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@dudeglove: Prologue doesn't count. But prison counts as the first mission as it has both the kill and stealth ratings. You can definitely do it without killing anyone. Question is will it count retroactively, if i do it from the mission select, for the entire game no kill playthrough.

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Whelp I apparently flubbed up the 2nd mission and got seen somewhere. =( I guess my entire stealth run is a wash then.

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I'm also curious about this.

Do you have to complete a new save of the game from start to finish without killing anyone for the achievement, or can you simply use mission select to do a clean run of the missions you originally rampaged through?

I don't really understand how Mission Select functions in this game.

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I decided to start the game over from Mission 2 in the mission select menu to do a low chaos run, and so far it's functioning as if I had simply loaded a save from Mission 2. So yeah, you can restart from there and do a full run of the game with your chaos level staying persistent throughout.

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Ok having just finished the game I have now answered my own question. Going back to past missions and going through them separately with no kills/undetected does not count towards the overall no kill achievement. I now have all missions showing up as having 0 kills but no dice. It has to be done from the start in a continuous playthrough.

So if you kill someone early on you either need to reload to before that moment/mission and play from there entirely or you won't get it.

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@Tennmuerti: I've read that if you finish the last mission again after replaying previous missions to get 0 kills and 0 detection the achievement unlocks. I haven't seen anyone else confirm this. It sort of contradicts the fact that replaying a mission acts as if you loaded a save from that point, so you have all the same upgrades. But if the mission stats update with the new results, maybe that's all some of the achievements require. Worth a shot if you've already done most of the work of replaying previous missions.

I'm in the same boat. I had no idea rats were killing unconscious guards in the prison, so I have 2 or 3 missions with 1 or 2 kills. After a few missions, the loading screen warned me about the rats and I changed how I played. If I could replay them for the Clean Hands achievement, I'd be thrilled. I really want to try replaying the game and just going with the different weapons and powers, but I'd like to try Clean Hands eventually.

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Nope doesn't work. I replayed the 2 mission where I had kills to get them to 0 kills before finishing the last mission and did not get it.

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@Tennmuerti: That's harsh. At least the game was a lot of fun. I'll definitely play it more. Just for fun, I plan to do a high chaos run to dig into the combat. I guess that won't take long if I just fight everyone who gets in my way. After that, I suppose I'll do an extremely methodical, slow stealth playthrough. I did my best to not care about any achievements because it wasn't much fun to keep reloading. I took Patrick's advice and just started doing what needed to be done. Things got messy, but I had a lot more fun.

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