Slackjaw bug?

#1 Posted by jervo (16 posts) -

I've been doing some Google searches and it seems I'm not alone in this. Mission 3. Was going to kill the Pendleton twins, but Slackjaw wants me to find out what happened to his gang member over at the scientist's house. I go in, put everyone to sleep, find the slain gang member and take the audiograph clue, and then I head back to the Distillery. However, halfway between entering the zone and actually getting to the building, the game tells me I've failed the mission, and Slackjaw tries to kill me. Anybody else have this problem, and if so, have you fixed it?

#2 Posted by Silver-Streak (1689 posts) -

Did you by chance poison the distillery? I've heard some people are still able to do the slackjaw missions after that, and I wonder if it's related.

#3 Posted by jervo (16 posts) -

i did poison the distillery, but the thing is, when i went to start this new mission, they didn't know it was me, and none of the thugs outside were hostile.

#4 Edited by SamStrife (1328 posts) -

I poisoned the distillery and I completed it all just fine.

You didn't attack one of his thugs when the weepers escaped did you?

#5 Posted by laserbolts (5507 posts) -

I noticed once when I blinked I accidentally landed on a thug and he became hostile. The whole distillery turned hostile so maybe you accidentally pissed off one of the thugs.

#6 Posted by jervo (16 posts) -

I've been playing more or less non-lethally. When the weepers escaped in the beginning of the mission, I left them alone. The game doesn't tell me I've failed the mission until I've crossed a certain point in the path leading up to the distillery building - it just suddenly goes wrong, whether I sneak in or just waltz on through. .

#7 Posted by dudeglove (11176 posts) -

@jervo: I had the same thing happen after I finished talking to him. I reloaded and skipped the dialog and just ran away before any aggro could occur.

#8 Posted by DeathByWaffle (775 posts) -

I was running into some issues with this mission as well. I made the deal with Slackjaw to find out about his man. Slackjaw's minions inside the distillery building were non-hostile to me, but all of the ones directly outside the building still were trying to kill me. I died, reloaded a save after I had accepted the mission from Slackjaw, and all the sudden he was trying to kill me also. Had to reload a previous save and just keep stealthing everywhere even after accepting the mission.

#9 Posted by jervo (16 posts) -

@DeathByWaffle: So, were you ever able to turn in that audiograph? Or did you just have to ignore it and do the story mission without his help?

#10 Posted by DeathByWaffle (775 posts) -

@jervo: I was able to do it, I just had to stealth past all of his men.

#11 Posted by amarriner (179 posts) -

I had part of that mission fail (had to reload) because I opened the door inside the distillery that has the three or four weepers in it. They got pissed at me for doing that, evidently, heh. Could that have been it? I did the poison run for Granny Rags, too, and was able to do everything Slackjaw wanted successfully.

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