So I can't save the game.

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Hello Giantbomb community.

My mind is an state of rage. About half an hour ago I shut off my game. After about 20 minutes later I start the game again and start playing. When I felt that I should save, I choose my save and click overwrite.


An box appears before my eyes. ''The game had trouble saving'', they said. I clicked retry, but to no use. The box appears again, same as before, teasing my mind.

I try several times, hoping to see the box disappear out of my world. But the box...keeps appearing. I restart my game hoping for resolution.

But once again, it was to no use. Now, I am here before you Giantbomb to adress a begging for solution.

I hope you enjoyed my poetic topic. But seriously, I ask you for answers why the game won't save.

I don't know if it is against the FAQ to write something about breaking the law, but: Don't tell anyone, the game is cracked.

#2 Posted by Mirado (1105 posts) -
Don't tell anyone, the game is cracked.

Well there's your problem!

...No, seriously. It is. You might want to look into fixing that bit before trying anything else; games have enough problems without being cracked to hell and back, and I've got no idea what we can do for you until we're sure it's not the crack*.

*Because it is.

#3 Posted by kgb0515 (427 posts) -

Yeah, that's probably a bit of the publisher's anti-piracy protection biting you in the behind there. You should just buy a copy of the game and enjoy supporting a developer who would like to make more games by you know...making a profit.

#4 Posted by CaLe (4222 posts) -

Are you here admitting to pirating a game, and also asking for help with said game?

#5 Posted by Venatio (4654 posts) -

@CaLe said:

Are you here admitting to pirating a game, and also asking for help with said game?

#6 Posted by Gamer_152 (14282 posts) -

@InternetCrab: It strikes me that if you didn't know whether this was against the rules, a good idea would have been to read the rules, which clearly state that talk about pirated games and circumvention of copy protection is not allowed here.


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