[Spoilers] Brigmore Witches DLC

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So in the second mission if you get access to the sewers to help restart the water pumps for the Hatters, you have a chance to talk to Delilah (or her statue). She says a bunch of stuff but one particular sentence stood out for me. She says "Four of us chosen, but history will remember only one."

Obviously I assume she's talking about the Outsider bestowing supernatural powers to four specific individuals. Now, I only know of three individuals with the Outsider's blessing: Corvo, Daud and Delilah. Who is this fourth person? Are we to assume it's Granny Rags by any chance?

I haven't finished the DLC by the way but I doubt they'll reveal the fourth person by the end of it. As far as we know, this is the last planned DLC for Dishonored so I very much doubt it's somebody new who we haven't been introduced to yet.

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As a fan of dishonored, I have to ask

Are the 2 story dlc's worth the 20 bucks? also, how long would you say both of them are (together).

Sorry if you say this stuff in your above post. I dont want to read because of the spoilers

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It could be Granny Rags, it could be the Torturer in Dunwall Tower or the child from the pre-release animated shorts. The Outsider says to Daud in the Knife of Dunwall that there are eight with the mark... but there aren't eight possibilities.

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@naru_joe93: Length of gameplay depends on your play style. But on average they are 4 hours each so a total of 8 hours. Personally I loved Dishonored and the new storyline from the perspective of Daud is really fascinating to me. If you are itching for more dishonored this is it. It is worth the price of entry.

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I assume we can talk about the DLC as a whole in this thread instead of making a new one?

I just finished it, and I've got to say it was easily one of the best pieces of additional content I've ever played. I haven't felt this way about a dlc since the Fallout 3 stuff (point lookout in particular). That level with the Hatters and Dead Eels was probably my favorite mission in the entire game. Also I about shit myself when I grabbed a bone charm in front of a statue and it jumped at me. It really left me hoping that they continue telling the stories of other characters in this world and don't try to make it all about Corvo/another mask wearing avenger in Dishonored 2. Shame it's optional whether you kill or spare Billie Lurk, I would have really liked to play as her in whatever city she ends up in.

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