[Spoilers] The Heart - A realization! [Contains Spoilers!]

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#1 Posted by TheFreepie (90 posts) -

So I realized something that a lot of you probably didn't notice but I found after browsing through the wiki.

The heart you receive from The Outsider is the Empresses, or at least possesses the soul of the Empress.

Hints at this:

The most obvious, the voice actress is the same as the voice of the Empress.

Granny Rags says "Nothing's been the same since her death! Poor child! Her spirit lives on – trapped – misused – and for what purpose?"

When used on Sokolov: "Anton Sokolov. He knew me once. And did much to set me on my path."

Finally, on Daud: "Why have you brought me here? Am I to forgive this man for what he did?"

As far as I'm concerned this is solid evidence. Sorry if you all already realized this but it kind of blew my mind as I wasn't paying a lot of attention at the beginning of the game.

I put contains spoilers in the thread title.. TWICE! So don't bitch.

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#2 Edited by project343 (2895 posts) -

The fuck. I suddenly feel a lot less comfortable using that. It makes Corvo come off like a complete lunatic.

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#3 Posted by CreepingDeath0 (304 posts) -

I thought this was kinda obvious oO

Oh well *shrug*

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#4 Edited by Neurotic (635 posts) -

I realised after a few L1 (I think that was the button...) pushes. I thought it was a nice touch and certainly prompted me to whip the heart out more often besides its obvious use for collectibles. I liked some of the insight she gives.

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#5 Posted by VoshiNova (2198 posts) -

Duuuuude, I can't believe I hadn't noticed that.

I feel like playing this game again....

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#6 Posted by Abendlaender (3052 posts) -

That was my immediate thought when playing the game. Didn't they actually say it at some point?

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#7 Posted by Cyrus_Saren (554 posts) -

Huh! I didn't even notice that. Pretty cool.

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#8 Posted by ArbitraryWater (14361 posts) -

@VoshiNova said:

Duuuuude, I can't believe I hadn't noticed that.

I feel like playing this game again....

This is how I feel now.

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#9 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -

I thought this was obvious O.o

I mean she keeps hinting at it throughout the game and by that I mean almost all the time, also she has the same voice.

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#10 Posted by supamon (1339 posts) -

Thought that was immediately apparent... Oh well, better late than never!

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#11 Posted by Wraxend (615 posts) -

It was obvious the moment you got it. I think i realised during the quicklook.

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#12 Posted by Shirogane (3619 posts) -

Yeah, that was obvious after like the first few lines the heart says.

What's less obvious is the guy at the very start of the game on the boat with you is Curnow, Callista's Uncle. Oh and the real major one, Corvo is Emily's father.

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#13 Posted by MrT (200 posts) -

That makes since. I kind of wish I would of heard more of what the heart had to say dieting the game now. I think I only hit the button once when the tutorial first showed it.

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