The multiple endings.

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Ok so this game has multiple endings right? I can't be arsed playing through it again and it doesn't seem to have a mission select screen (I should have made hard saves at the start of each and every mission).

So I played through with generally low chaos, I didn't kill if I didn't have to and I spared the lives of most targets where I could (if i felt they didnt deserve death).


I spared Havelocks life and rescued emily, after that it went on to a story about how everyone is happy and I go on to be by Emily's side as she inherits the empire. The two duders go on to make potions and shit and then we get drunk at the bar. I grow old and die and apparenty she has strong feelings for me.

Anyone else get anything different? Spill.

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What do you mean there's no mission select? It's right there in the main menu under "Missions". And yeah there are 3 endings, 1 good, 1 bad, and one that's the worst, but most people probably aren't going to get that one.

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