Who cares about Half Life 3?

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Haha ok I admit the thread title is bait to get people in here. But seriously I've been waiting for Half Life 3 for a long time, and even if Dishonored isn't very similar in its gameplay mechanics it still looks like it'll fill the hole that the wait for HL3 has left. As far as I know the art director for Dishonored worked on Half Life 2 and it shows. The game itself looks great with lots of interesting mechanics to acheive your goals. The one I'm most excited for is the possession one that I loved in Battlefield 2 modern combat. Anyway here's the new video kinda reminds me of Bioshock too.

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I have that Black Death shirt that guy is wearing.

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Meh, it doesn't seem like it's up my alley. It depends on how sandboxy and open world it really is. We'll see.

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The game itself looks cool, but I want HL3 for the story, not the gameplay.

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I want this so bad. Have it pre-oredered and payed in full already. Seriously can't wait.

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I care about half life 3. but not in the "just got a girl friend way", or the "constantly looking up facts about Sasha Grey, because the more i know about her the more i feel a part of her life" way.

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I'd never heard of this but my god it seems seriously cool.

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People grow up not knowing what Half Life is because the Valve bastards refuse to further develop the IP. They're all into The Sims, microtransactions and shit now.

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To answer the topic question, I don't. I used to be a huge fan of Half Life but it's been so long that I just kind of don't care anymore. I'm sure I'll get the new game, but it feels like it's more out of obligation than excitement.

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I need Half Life 3 i would sell my soul for it.

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@Pinworm45 said:

To answer the topic question, I don't. I used to be a huge fan of Half Life but it's been so long that I just kind of don't care anymore. I'm sure I'll get the new game, but it feels like it's more out of obligation than excitement.

That's sad. But totally warranted and understandable.
Still, nothing but nothing can take the place in my heart of that little anarcho-syndicalist developer's space 1984.
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Ah yes, I've been interested in this since they announced it, as we don't many games these days that promise the ability to play it in full-on stealth.

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I still care about Half-Life 3.

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I still would like a new installment in that world, but I do not care about Half-Life 3 or Episode 3 and what they represent anymore.

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Loved both Arx Fatalis and Dark Messiah, so I've got high hopes for this.

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Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it (Dishonoured), mad high hopes. Looks like a supernatural Deus Ex and I'm okay with that.

And yeah, I still really want Half Life 3/Ep. 3, but I'm not excited for it or anything, it's been such a long time with nothing to speak of now, I'm sure when the first trailer comes out I'll change my tune and be pretty hyped, it is Half Life after all.

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HL 2 came out almost ten years ago. HL3 is going to disappoint as much as Rage did.

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I read the Gameinformer article and the game seems alot like a mix between Bioshock and Skyrim. Oh, and I still want Half Life 3 or whatever Valve will call it to come out. In the time since Half Life 2 Episode 2 came out, Valve has made Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, Portal 2, put out lots of updates for Team Fortress 2, announced they're making DOTA 2 and and a new Counter Strike. Still no Half Life 3 though. Thats messed up. And I know where the Borealis is!!! Play Portal 2 if you want to know.

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I look forward to beating the game without killing a single person. It may sound boring but it will be a challenge.

But on my second play through... Oh my, everyone will die.

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@CH3BURASHKA: The story of this one actually seems really interesting.

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